Drones: Choosing the best one


Whether you are a keen drone operator or someone who just flies drones for fun, drones are becoming ever more popular. They stir up mixed feelings in society, with some people worried about their privacy and safety, and others believing they are the future of delivery services and much more. Depending on your viewpoint, drones are either a necessary extension of technology or an irritant in the skies.

Before you buy and fly your drone it is worth reading up on the guidelines about operating them here.

In the meantime, if you are looking for great eye-catching drones, here are ten of the best:


Super little device for young children to get their heads around flying a drone for the first time. Cheap enough so it won’t matter if it crashes or you lose it. Has two speeds – high and low, pretty basic flying modes including up/down, left/right etc.

From: amazon.co.uk


This doesn’t look like your average drone and that’s because it isn’t. You operate it via your smartphone and it has incredible 360° manoeurves in the sky, some of which you can pre-programme into the phone. You can also attach wheels and get it to roll up walls and ceilings.

From: amazon.co.uk


A good drone for beginners as it has really easy controls and a simple ‘One Key Return’ system. Takes awesome real time videos from above and performs daring 360° turns and flips in the sky. Nice stable flying and the good quality HD camera allow for great filming.

From: amazon.co.uk

parrot night

This is the successor to the Parrot’s Rolling Spider above, and features some nice upgrades. Also has pre-programmed tricks and flicks, the speed has increased to 18km/h and there’s a handy bright set of headlights to see in dim light.

From: johnlewis.com

  • Emax – Nighthawk Pro 280 Quadcopter – £148.99


If racing drones is your thing, the Emax should be your first choice. This drone has been specifically designed to slice through the skies thanks to some clever engineering. The motors are placed at a 10 degree angle which gives greater speed, and the centre of gravity remains stable even once the batteries are installed.

From: unmannedtechshop.co.uk


If you are concerned about safety then consider this drone. If you fly out of range it will automatically trigger the ‘return home’ action where it will come back and land safely at a designated point. Has systems in place so that it does not get affected by any other transmissions in the area.

From: amazon.co.uk


Photographers and film-makers take note, this drone is perfectly adapted to work with your GoPro camera. It has several pre-programmed flight modes that feature steady flying, self-levelling and stable flights to make your videos and pictures look really professional.

From: wirelessmadness.com


Finally, for the serious sports enthusiasts this drone is not much about the flying but the incredible pictures it takes whilst you are partaking in action sports. It is a self-flying drone that uses motion prediction to follow your every move and capture your best action shots.

From: wexphotographic.com

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