Drive Smart to Save Money

If the cost of fuel is driving you round the bend and up the alley, then driving a little smarter could benefit you. By changing your driving style it is possible to shave off between £250 and £350 each year. So how can you achieve this? We have listed our top tips to help you save fuel and become a smarter driver in the process.

Stay in gear

Never coast downhill in neutral as this actually uses up more fuel than if you stayed in gear. I know! I do this all the time thinking that I am saving money by not engaging the gears! You should stay in gear and ease off the accelerator gently and this helps to reduce the fuel flow to the engine to virtually nothing.

Drive smoothly

See those boy racers whizzing up to junctions and accelerating and braking fast? What these silly people do not realise is that this is the most expensive way of driving and wasting fuel. The stop/go style of driving burns fuel so watch those cars in front and avoid any sharp braking and drive off smoothly.

Drive off from cold

If you have a new car then you don’t need to let the engine warm up before you go. You can switch on the ignition and away you go! So don’t waste fuel by sitting there with an idling engine.

Idling Engines

Speaking of engines idling, if you happen to be in traffic for more than a minute or so then turn off your engine. Restarting the engine costs virtually nothing until you step on the gas so don’t idle away your pounds with a stationary vehicle.

Watch your revs

Keeping an eye on your rev count as you change gears will also help to save money. If you change-up smoothly before the counter hits 2,000 rpm this is the optimum time. Make sure you are always in the right gear for the type of conditions of the road you are driving on.

Plan your route

If you check the route you are supposed to be driving on at the last-minute by getting traffic updates and seeing if there are any roadworks along your destination, you will save yourself time and money by avoiding built up areas. Use your sat nav and if you get lost, don’t drive around, ask for directions!

Lighten up your load

Get rid of any excess weight you may have in the car. I’m not talking about ditching the mother in law at the next gas station, I mean empty the boot and make sure the roof rack is off when not in use.

Slow down

If you keep to the standard 64 miles an hour, this is the most fuel-efficient way of driving and you will arrive at your destination a more relaxed and happier person.

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