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 One of the most important and most beautiful events in any girl’s life is her wedding. Wedding is one such occasion when a girl transforms into a lady. It is the most important phase of any girl’s life. Every girl wants to make her wedding memorable and enjoyable. Every girl wants her wedding to be exotic and unique. With growing trends in destination weddings, everyone wants to have a destination wedding. Unique island weddings, resort weddings, exotic getaway weddings, vacation weddings or beach weddings are the weddings styles which are in style today. The most sought-after and most loved destination is definitely the beach. Beach wedding is every girls dream. Beach wedding indicates a casual style of wedding. Beach weddings are fun and venues are exotic and beautiful. With this trend growing so fast, many designers are creating more and more wedding gowns as well as bride’s maids dresses keeping in mind the beach theme. They are designing keeping in mind the destination bride.

With beach weddings it is very important to keep in mind plenty of things. When you go on shopping for a beach wedding, you should give a lot of importance to the type of fabric you choose. The fabric you choose should be easy to travel with and it should have the ability to hold its shape and texture in high humidity. Designers like Mon Cheri, Dessy, Jim Hjelm, Watters and many designers like these specialize in beach wedding dresses. They keep in mind the need of the occasion and its vitality. They offer plenty of designs and patterns which are simple and elegant.  Fabrics which are used for beach wedding should be chosen carefully. Light weighted fabrics like silk and charmeuse are very easy on travel. It gives a unique and sleek style to those who prefer to look gorgeous all the time.

bridesmaid's dresses for a beach wedding

bridesmaid’s dresses for a beach wedding

It’s not an easy job to find a beach wedding dress for a seaside wedding. It’s a challenge on its own. The style in the wedding dress can vary from bold look to the more sophisticated look. The dress can be a beach wear with sarong to a full length casual flowing bridal gown.  The dress you choose should be made up of a fabric that will keep you cool in the hot sun at the sea. The dress should be comfortable enough to stand the breeze and to keep you looking gorgeous till the last dance. Like choosing a bride’s dress is difficult, similarly it is not easy to choose a bridesmaids dress. A dress should be chosen keeping in mind that the same style of dress will be worn by women with different figures, personalities and complexion. The dress for bridesmaid should be comfortable and a good fit as the bridesmaid is involved in loads of activities in the wedding. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may have two to three brides maid. Fewer the bridesmaids easier the task of selecting the dress will be. As the wedding theme is on beach, the best fabric for the bridesmaid dress should be chiffon, airy tulle and cool-smart cotton. The length of the dress can be knee-length or tea-length. It need not kiss the sand. Ideal length of a bridesmaids dress should be calf length. This will allow the bridesmaid to walk easily around the beach at the time of the wedding. Strapless, spaghetti straps or halter works wonders in beach wedding. It will make the bridesmaid look classy, beautiful, simple and elegant.

The beach gives a very casual feeling, so the whole clothing style becomes casual in a beach wedding. It is quite difficult to walk around in the sand on the beach with formal attire, so beach weddings are more casual than formal. These are less glamorous, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be glam doll. Accessorize your look with jewelry, brooches, lace-up backs, pearls etc. to get that glamorous look. Try some cool hairstyles too!

The look of the bridesmaid should compliment the bride.  The length of the dress should match to the brides dress to some extent.  If the bride is sporting a full length gown then the bridesmaid can go for a gown with any length. But if she is sporting a short dress then it should be themed with other members of the party.

Dress up well and look elegant and sexy on a beach. A beach wedding is all about sand, water, salt and fun. So enjoy the wedding and look simple, elegant and fabulous.

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