Dress up your denims!

Denim styles

Denim styles

Denim, the most versatile fabric of all time! Denim jackets, jeans, skirts etc. are a popular casual wear, especially with the younger generations.

But not many people are aware of the fact that denim wasn’t originally designed for fashion. It was used by miners and railroad workers in intensive work conditions. What was once considered as to be rugged and robust in industrial work wear quickly gained demand in many other industries as well.

It spread outside the work place and became an important fashion statement. Denim being one of the world’s oldest fabrics yet retains its timeless and youthful look, isn’t it? Denim fabric has become such a rage and also a must have for every girl now-a-days.

Denim is such type of clothing that they are largely available in different patterns and unique styles. Denim is also available in different colors like black, blue, brown and grey to the plane, stone washed, vintage washed and dark denim ones.

Hence, more or less denim can be considered to be such a type of clothing that can stay in your wardrobe for ages and still never look out dated.

Denim fabric

Denim fabric is available in the form of skirts, jeans, Capri, jackets, hats etc. The fashionable denim skirts are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and styles. The skirts range from embroidery, lace, beading work with intricate designs to the plane denim ones. They also come in pencil, pleated, flared, tiered styles with prints and patterns.

They not only look elegant but stylish too with a wide array for you to choose from. The denim Capri pants are variants that end below the knee or also come in calf length. They come in almost all sizes, colors and styles. Almost of all of us will agree with the fact that denim jeans are extremely cool and comfortable, isn’t it?

They come in various fits, ranging from the skinny, tapered, straight, flare and boot cut ones. You can check out the more retro ones that are available at BANANA REPUBLIC, one of my favorite brands. Denims are a very prominent form of casual wear all over the world from decades and will remain to be for more years to come. Style, comfort and ease are what everybody yearns for, isn’t it? All those of you who want to look fashionably updated and rationalized don’t have to worry.

You don’t necessarily have to go and purchase a new denim wardrobe for yourself. You can go panache with a little bit of creativeness from your end. You can simply go with the blue and black jeans for the casual look. However, you can also choose from the feminine hues like fuchsia, turquoise, beiges, olives, orange, and mauves, white and browns, available from DIESEL.

The denims available today are also adorned with brass buttons, studs, beads and fashionable zippers etc. as those available at BEBE. While for those of you who already have the denims and aren’t interested in investing those extra dollars, here comes a little advice for you! You can decorate your plane jeans and skirts with embossed stickers that are available in most stationary stores.

You even get studs that can be stuck to your jeans and Capri’s with fabric glue.

You can also add that extra oomph factor to your casual jeans or Capri pants by complementing it with footwear like boots. You can also go panache by accessorizing with a beaded necklace or hanging earrings or even a stylish hand bag. It is as simple as it is. The denim skirts can be well teamed with slip-ons, scandals and boots.

However, the denim mini-skirts look best with boots among all foot wear. Especially the high-heeled boots look great with denim jeans. You can also accessorize your denims with belts. There is a wide array of designs available in belts today. They are available in leather, fur, jeweled, studded and simple ones.

The type and width of the belt can revolutionize your simple attire completely. Ranging from different colors to studded ones, a little bit of creativity can completely make you look like a fashion idol for all to look at and crave about!

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