Draw Something app makes it to the big screen on new Channel 4 quiz show

Channel 4 has announced plans that it intends to use the hugely popular app Draw Something, often otherwise known as ‘Pictionary for mobile’, as inspiration for a brand new TV quiz programme called Draw It!

Draw Something app

Picture: David Levene

In the original draw something app, two players take alternate turns to draw a picture for their game-player partner to guess at. The drawer has a choice of three different words to draw, each one is ranked by difficulty and they can earn between one to three coins if their partner guesses correctly. As the game builds up, players can spend the coins earned to purchase more shades of color for drawing or bombs.

The draw something app has proved to be so popular that is has been downloaded more than 50 million times, and only six weeks after the app was launched in March of 2012, it was sold to Zynga, who also developed Farmville, for £113m. Zenga not only purchased the app but the developer as well, and now it is said to be the inspiration for a new Channel 4 Friday night game-show called Draw It!

Your turn to draw - Draw Something App

Draw Something App

Channel 4 will develop the show, which will be shown in the UK, in an exclusive deal with Sony Pictures Television-owned Victory Television, and the TV version of the app has been created by Zynga and Embassy Row.

The TV quiz version of the app will feature two teams, one with a member of the general public alongside a celebrity, who will then go head to head against the clock in three rounds of drawing contests. In the final round, the contestant who wins will then team up with the remaining celebrities in an attempt to win a cash prize.

Draw Something App

Draw Something App

Victoria Ashbourne, who is the managing director of Victory Television, and who also make the highly successful TV quiz programme – Who Wants to be a Millionaire? said:

“There’s a creative side to everyone, sometimes more obvious than others, and the show will really tap into that with a race against the clock and plenty of humour.”

Draw Something: Hasbro

Draw Something: Hasbro

There is also a board game version of Draw Something which has been manufactured by Hasbro. It is available to buy from Walmart, Target, ToysRUS and Amazon and costs $19.99.

The Draw Something app is described as ‘THE addictive social drawing game’ and it is now available free for Apple iOS and Android Devices.

The app is available on iTunes for $2.99.

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