Is your Double Glazing insured?

So you’ve moved into your new property and it is fitted with the most up to date double glazing, and, lucky for you, the windows and doors still have eights years left of a ten-year guarantee policy. So, if you have any problems you should be covered, right? Well, hold your horses, it’s not actually that simple. Double glazing firms do not have to transfer the guarantee to the new owner of the house or property unless they belong to an organisation called the Glass and Glazing Federation. The GGF exists to ensure that best practise occurs within the glass and glazing industry and companies sign up to this federation on a voluntary basis.

Any double glazing firm that has registered with the GGF will automatically have to transfer the remaining time left on the guarantee over to the new house owner. But what about companies that have not signed up to the federation? Well, currently there are no new laws that protect new home owners who may find themselves in this sort of situation. This matter was highlighted on the BBC programme Rip Off Britain, where a new home owner moved into a house and had eight years left on a ten-year warranty for her double glazed windows and doors.



She noticed that the kitchen windows were not functioning as well as they should, and were in fact letting in a lot of cold air. And then a huge crack appeared in her back door. She phoned the double glazing company who informed her, to her surprise, that the warranty was not in fact transferable to her, even though she now owned the house. The guarantee was specifically for the person who bought and paid for the double glazing, and not the new owner.

Luckily for this home owner, the Rip Off Britain team investigated a little further, and discovered that the company that originally fitted the double glazing did in fact belong to the GGF, and as such, the guarantee could be transferred over to the new owner. The repairs to her windows and door were carried out under warranty with no charges.

So if you have recently moved into a new property, it might be prudent to look at your paperwork if you have double glazing, and just see if the company that fitted it belong to the GGF. Otherwise you could be facing some hefty bills if problems occur down the line.

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