Doing Up the Living Room in Time for Christmas

A popular idea is getting the living room done up in time for the holidays. Despite a lack of time and an imminent lack of funds, many people find themselves trying to do this as of this time of year, and many then end up in a pickle as they find themselves unable to do it within the limited budget of autumn and end up in a worse situation, with plaster dust and strips of torn-off wallpaper everywhere throughout the holiday season. Here is a cheap way to get your living room in better shape before Christmas.

Many sofa shops are having a pre-Christmas sale. Not only do they offer cheap financing that frequently doesn’t require a first payment for some time, at this time you could also be saving quite a lot of money on the total price of your sofa. Corner group or standard three-piece suite, a new sofa can be the perfect way to spruce up your living room.

Don’t do it if you wouldn’t otherwise; it’s silly to spend all that money on new furniture if you can continue to use your old furniture comfortably. However, with the finance deals available it can work out quite inexpensive if you replace your existing furniture now rather than waiting for the January sales. Remember not to take out any more credit than you can afford – even though you won’t be paying for some time, you’ll still end up in trouble down the line if you overreach your abilities.

A fresh coat of paint can seem just the thing to cheer a room up. But high-quality paint can cost quite a lot of money, and it’s often the case that such a – relatively sizeable – change can overwhelm you during the busy pre-holiday season. So unless you’re only having a bit of a paint-over, don’t get started until after the holidays.

If you have to, and want high-quality paint, the Dulux Paint Pod is remarkably good value for money. It doesn’t necessarily take less time to clean up, but your paint will go incredibly further than it did previously, so it’s well worth the money even though the paint costs more on the face of it.

But plan carefully; push through it all and sort out the entire room in a single weekend. If the painting job ends up hanging over your head it will end up causing unbelievable amounts of stress and you may well find that it turns a few hours’ work into weeks and weeks of worry.

Don’t forget, in a pinch, that Christmas decorations can hide a multitude of sins. Tinsel especially is great for covering up cracks in your perfect décor, and clusters of baubles can be hung in problem areas to bring them into the holiday spirit. A centre piece can add a bit of class to a Christmas meal table, but similar little pieces can be distributed around the room and even a room with imperfections can look gorgeous for the holiday!

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