Dog Training – Devices That Work And Some That Do Not

If you are having training issues you are not alone. Many people go through headaches trying to get their furry friends to learn commands and even where to go potty. The Improvements Potty Rock Dog Training Device for example is a device that is supposed to help dogs be potty trained. The scent is supposed to attract dogs to it so that they go in a specific spot in the yard as opposed to all over it or inside the house.

The concept is genius unfortunately this device itself is not. The scent is powerful alright, you will not want to get close to it, but the problem is that apparently neither would your dogs. The company does say that it will work better on male dogs but even if you get the dog close to it, it will choose to ignore it. If there is a magical device to help with potty training this is not it. Try looking at other training methods for potty training.

Other type of training is accomplished by using choke collars. Some people do not like them because they feel choke collars can hurt the dog, but used correctly they can help save your dog’s life. The Four Paws Nylon Training Choke Dog Collar should help people who would rather not use metal ones. They are thicker depending on the size and are more comfortable for the dog. The material does not close as tight, but it still gets your point across.

This collar is durable and it is also very easily put on your dog. This is probably one of the best and most affordable training equipment you can get. They are made or dogs of all sizes, but you should measure your dog’s neck before ordering. If you are concerned about your dog’s metal choking collar, this is the perfect alternative.

There are also other types of training collars like the Dogtra 1800NC. The company describes it as a collar with 16 levels of “stimulation”; if you are wondering what stimulation means, it means shocks. There are thing that this collar has that could be considered positives, like the 1 mile range and identity codes so it does not interfere with other collars. It also says that it is for mild-mannered dogs as well as the more stubborn dogs. All those things are great, but at the end of the day it is still a shock collar and a lot of owners will not be comfortable, much less thrilled with using one of them.

The price is high and there are other more humane ways to help you train your dog. If you do not mind the shock collar then you can try it, but keep in mind that there are other cheaper and more effective ways to train your dog.

A more humane and as effective measure to control barking is the Ultrasonic Auto Anti-Bark No Shock Dog Training Collar. This method is actually a very effective method because it does something that is essential in training your dog away from a behavior and that is the distraction. When your dog barks the collar will make a sound that will get the attention. The sound is not audible to humans so it will not distract you, but dogs do hear it and you can tell by their reaction. You will know when the collar is activated because of the LED indicator which lights up when the collar is activated. The sound does not harm the dogs in any way and it is effective, not much more that you can ask for in dog training.

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