Dog Car Seats – Protect Your Car And Your Pooch

The Lookout Carseat is a good way to keep your dog safe on small or long trips. It is designed for the smallest pets up to 18 pounds, so if you have a medium or big dog you should skip on this one, but if you have a toy breed then it is a big plus. It is comfortable so you do not have to worry about your little friend not enjoying the ride and it will also save you room with a mini storage drawer where you can put some of the small things that would otherwise end up on the floor of the car. The Lookout Carseat is also designed to work with the seatbelt on your car so additional purchases are not necessary. Though too small for medium dogs the small ones will be happy with it. This car seat makes them feel cozy and secure at that time when some dogs can get nervous.

The Orvis Elevated Car Seat not only keeps your pet safe it also gives it a great view of the ride. Small and smallish medium dogs can enjoy the benefits of this car seat as it will keep them safe with the attached seatbelt while putting them at a height where they do not have to move around in order to get a glimpse of the outside world. The back rest pad also allows you to keep dog hair and dirt of your seat and the bottom cushion is soft enough that it will be very comfortable for your little buddy. The Orvis Elevated Car Seat comes in two colors, sage and black to better match your car seat color. It is also fully washable so that you can also keep unwanted pet smells out of your car.

If your pet sheds a lot or you take it to the park a lot you may want to consider the Snoozer Pet Car Seat Cover. This seat cover will keep your car’s seat clean of hair and dirt. It’s always nice to be able to get in and out of your car and not worry about dog hair all over your clothes. Some seat covers will not be enough to keep the hair from the seat, but this one does the job fine. The seat cover will also work great on a cold day as it insulates from cold temperatures. The seat cover does have seat belt slots so you will be able to keep your dog on a seat belt if you have one. The cover does stay on your seat so you don’t have to be concerned about it slipping off. Covers that do slip off are not recommended because they can get your pet injured, so that is one less concern that you will have when using this seat cover.

Got a car and a decent sized dog? Then you would benefit from the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Harness. Ruff Rider really takes pet care into consideration with this harness; the seat belt actually exceeds safety standards for regular car seatbelts. Another benefit is that your friend does not have to stay in a seated position for the whole trip. You can adjust the harness to allow it to lie down and that makes a lot of difference during long trips. Unlike other products in the market these harnesses are made for dogs of almost every size; dogs anywhere from 6 to 150 pounds can use one of these harnesses. The one thing that may be a concern is that putting it on the first time can be confusing, but once you have done it once you will have no issue repeating the process. 

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