Does social media aid in education or are they merely distractions?

In today’s world there is no dearth of distractions for a child. There are plenty of things one can do. Now, when I say distraction is it a necessarily negative or positive term that remains to be judged.

The social media occupies a very large portion of our daily life and in turn the whole of our existence. We remain connected to the world through these social mediums. They provide us with modes of entertainment as well.

Much like the role of technology social media like newspapers and television channels have their share of pros and cons. It all remains to be seen how one uses these modes of social connection.

A growing child and the social media

For a child the foremost important thing is education. It must be seen that a child gets proper education and that he benefits from this routine of this education.

Let us consider the daily routine of eleven years old today. This is definitely a generalized and neutral point of view. The kid wakes up, goes to school, indulges in some form of extracurricular activities, and comes back home, lands straight on the couch and starts watching television, flipping through the channels.

Television, of all other forms of social media occupies a very large place in a child’s life. Social media can be informative if one browses through the right pages or flips through the correct channels.

However, we all know that is not the case most of the time. If you used properly, the benefits of the social media on a child’s education can be huge, but if not the result is bound to be disastrous.

The good and the bad

There are both positive and negative aspects when it comes to forms of social media like television and newspaper. Before taking an analytical approach, we must all agree that the larger chunk of the world today is greatly influenced by the media- by what they show and what they do. A growing child is fascinated by everything around.

The moving objects on the screen and the colorful images on the papers capture his attention. The social media opens up the world to us which in itself is a very attractive to us. A child gets to know more about the world and the society at large. Informative channels benefit a child’s mental growth. Newspapers and television helps in increasing the general knowledge of a child if used properly.

Like the good sides the bad sides are there too, sadly yielding disastrous results and the reports of the bad side are more. Television is an addiction. Kids get hooked on it and watch for hours on end. They end up being “couch potatoes”. Their ability to exercise the brain decreases, imagination power decreases and their capacity to think diminishes. This all happens if one has no control and goes on watching television for hours on end. To avoid the disastrous results parents should make an effort to balance their kids’ lives and instill a sense of discipline in them.

Like everything else if checked the utilities of social media are many but if not it can be a mess.

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