Does shopping help in relieving stress?

Shopping is definitely one of the most favorite past times for most women. Now, whether it really helps in relieving stress or not remains to be seen. On one hand, someone who, if I may use the word, is a miser may ask that how can spending cash when depressed help in getting rid of the feeling of being low then it! On the other hand someone who likes to spend money will say just the opposite thing! What basically we can conclude from this is that whether shopping helps or not is essentially a subjective matter. It works in different ways for everyone. Some like it while others do not find shopping all that interesting. For some window shopping is a real pleasure. They won’t but anything but find joy in browsing through the items. May women have said that they find window shopping very refreshing. Keeping these factors in mind let us proceed in the search for an answer.

Does shopping really help?

Think about a girl, suppose your friend who has had a bad breakup. If you go and ask her to come shopping with you, in nine out of ten cases the girl will agree to go with you. In the end she will also buy things for herself as well and by the time to go back home she will be in a much better mood. Suppose a woman has had a trying day, in the evening if she goes shopping automatically she will return all smiles. To all the examples I am giving, it is taken for granted the women like to shop. Many women have confessed that when being upset about something if they just walk into a departmental store and buy a dress they like, their frame of mind automatically takes a positive turn. Some women even feel energetic after shopping after having a stressful day. For some, retail therapy works more than a spa treatment or a body massage. From this we can safely say that shopping does help some in lifting their moods after a mentally hard time.

Does it work for all?

Well, shopping does not help all in relieving their stress. Think about it, how can someone, who is depressed because of some financial constraints, be happy if they shop? Whether retail therapy will work or not depends to some extent on the reason behind the stress or depression. If the reason is something like a fight or a foul mood due to a bad day at work then shopping surely helps those who like to shop. For a positive change in one’s mood one has to shop the things they like- this is one of the key points of retail therapy. Retail therapy is a result of consumerism and is restricted to a certain section of the society. Capitalism has also a major contribution in this. For those which shopping is a luxury cannot really afford to shop just to release their stress!

Shopping is known to relieve the stress for some while for others it adds to the burden.


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