Do You Really Need a Landline?

Many people maintain a landline in addition to their mobile telephones. But do you really need that landline anymore? No matter who your provider is, what do you really need that old-school telephone for?

As you have a telephone in your pocket, many of which come with free minutes and texts, it’s not really necessary to maintain a landline for any real use. However, be careful to look into the phone plan your landline benefits from; if you find that it will be cheaper to make calls on your landline, you may want to re-think your telephoning behaviour.

0800 numbers are usually free, but mobile phones will pay, and 0870 numbers, which cost a fair bit from a landline, can cost even more from a mobile. Think back to your usual telephone behaviour and consider whether or not it will be more profitable for you to have a landline available for these calls. If not, then you may consider getting rid.

Some forms of broadband, and all forms of dialup internet access will require you to have a landline. Consider this when you’re deciding whether or not to get rid of the landline! If you’re using DSL, for example, you will definitely need your landline. However, if you want to remove the urge to use it for calls you need but remove the actual handset.

Do you frequently suffer from power loss? For most people this is not an issue, but many people living in remote areas or places where severe weather is less uncommon have frequent power outages. If this is the case for you, you may consider a landline to be a handy convenience. Retain an old-style telephone handset which draws power from the phone line; even if the power lines have been taken out, you may find the phone line remains well. This can be a convenient method of contacting the outside world in situations where the power is out for more than a few hours, if your mobile loses charge.

Ultimately, however, most people do not need a landline. Purchase your mobile phone plan accordingly and you’ll find you can save money and retain a degree of convenience.

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