Do you live your life in a constant rush?

An alarm to wake you up, rushing to get ready for work, rushing to work, wishing the day by, rushing home, rushing chores, and then wanting your sleep time to last forever. Does this sound like you? Are you constantly living your life to time and rushing around everywhere? Read on to find out why it’s damaging to your health.

When you’re rushing around, your mind is constantly on the go, using a lot more of your energy than you otherwise would. This increases your blood pressure, can increase your heart rate, and can consequently results in an overwhelming feeling of stress.

The most obvious way you can alleviate the damage your causing to your health is by not rushing, and living your life one step at a time. However, in today’s society, that’s of course easier said than done.

The main causes of rushing around and becoming stressed are:

  • Money– often people try to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time, to earn extra money. This is a lose-lose situation really, as needing to meet an unrealistic target causes stress. The fact that it’s unrealistic then makes you rush, therefore affecting the quality of the work being done. This could end in lack of, or no payment, causing more stress.
  • Time- of all the many things in your life, time is perhaps one of the only things you can’t actually control, which results in even more stress. Needing to get something done in a short amount of time involves a lot of rushing, worrying and stress; all for a result you may never achieve. Make sure you’re given realistic time frames to turn projects around in.
  • Work- being given unrealistic targets and deadlines at work, by either a colleague or a manger, is definitely an added stress. There’s also the attached feeling of pride, in not wanting to miss a deadline and consequently disappointing someone, so it’s easy to become too obsessed with the situation.
  • Life– a disorganised life can cause a huge amount of stress, as there always seems to be something to do before bed, as soon as you get up, as soon as you get in from work, and definitely plenty to do instead of going out socialising with friends for the night. Take a break every now and again to alleviate yourself of any stress or tension within you.

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