DMAE Cream: Bring Back Your Youthful Skin

DMAE cream is otherwise known as the “Face Lift in a Jar”. Many people are becoming curious about the wonderful

DMAE cream

DMAE cream

benefits that this topical cream can give to the skin. The manufacturing company of this wonder cream claim that their product can improve the sagging condition of the facial skin. It prevents the progression of the sagging effect on the skin due to the aging process.

DMAE cream is the shortcut term for diethylaminoethanol. This substance is naturally found in our body. It is responsible for the production of one of the most essential neurotransmitter in our body. This neurotransmitter is called acetylcholine. DMAE can also stimulate the body to produce phosphatidylcholine which is a substance found in the membranes of our body cells.

DMAE was found to have a positive effect on cognition and memory. This is the reason why it is also called as the “Smart Drug”. DMAE was found to slow down the effects of aging on cognitive faculties of a person. It was also used to increase the life of animals used in laboratory researches.

According to other researches, DMAE can also prevent the accumulation of lipofuscin inside the body cells. Lipofuscin is a type of cellular pigment that binds molecular waste together which leads to build up of such harmful substances inside the body cells. This process tends to occur more in older people. It was concluded that high levels of lipofuscin inside the body is not just caused by old age. It actually contributes to faster aging of cells inside our body.

According to several researches, DMAE cream has a tightening effect on the skin. However, it is still unclear on how DMAE can tighten the skin or prevent it from sagging. It is either it stimulate production of more acetylcholine or prevent lipofuscin from accumulating inside the body cells. But whatever is the cause of the skin tightening benefits of DMAE, it is clear that it can halt the progression of skin aging and hence sagging.

The use of DMAE as a skin tightening cream has become very popular among many countries. A lot of people have testified about the wonderful effects it has on the skin. Besides from making your skin youthful once again, it can also improve one’s mental faculty. It can serve as body cells’ vacuum for it prevents accumulation of waste inside the system. DMAE cream is definitely a wonder cream that can bring back the youth in you.

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