DIY: Making Your Own Quilt

A quilt made with patchwork

A quilt made with patchwork

For those of you who have a passion of creativity and a house loaded with products, then you can transform your hobbies into a full-fledged business. It necessarily doesn’t have to be huge or on a very big scale. You can start with a smaller scale one and slowly make it bigger depending upon the popularity gained and profit. Making quilts is fun for those who yearn for creativity. Not only is it recycling, but also great fun to make and beautiful indeed! You can rediscover the mad skills and creative corner in you with quilting.

Your first quilt might take a long time but the outcome will indeed be worth the time spent. Once you finish your first quilt, I am sure you just won’t be able to wait to finish the next one! The cuts are quicker and more precise on fabrics than on paper. You can try the simple geometric shapes to the more intricate shapes like the stork in flight, rocking horse etc. Those of you who are suckers for minute details can add much dimension by layering or by even adding extra embellishments to the simple quilt. It will indeed look gorgeous!

Making quilts in patchwork or joining pieces of cloth together doesn’t require years of experience in the job! Those of you who are first timers and don’t have any sewing experience, you can still make a patchwork quilt the quick and easy way. You can gather the fabrics that you are using in making the quilt and cut all of them equally. The most important aspect of patchwork quilting is to have exact measurements of the patches of fabric to obtain accurate result. Another thing to remember is that the patchwork fabric must be laundered before you begin working on it. It has to be ironed properly so that all the fabrics are wrinkle free. Play with colors!

Rather than keeping the quilt simply black and brown, layer it underneath with pink. You can experiment with colors such as aqua, olive-green, brown, orange, fuchsia, lavender, turquoise etc. to name a few. Various fabrics can be combined such as velvets, corduroys, denims, cotton, silk etc. to make a marvelous quilt. During the cutting of the sheet, you must decide upon the number going into the width and length of the sheet equally. As a beginner, this is a very important aspect. Once you gain a bit of experience after making a couple of quilts, you can try new patterns such as triangles, rectangles etc. however squares are best for the beginners. You can use your creativity in designing patterns such as after two blue squares a red then white or black or grey etc. Whatever patterning you decide, keep in mind to have the appropriate number of squares cut for that particular color.

Slowly sew the first square to the second square and to the next until you finish the first row. This must be followed by sewing the next row similarly and joining all the rows together. Now that you have a huge rectangle of squares stitched together, you can lay it on a bed and place the sheet on top of it. Pin it together and slowly fold the hems and stitch it shut and your quilt is ready! A triangular quilt can be made the same way wherein the squares must be cut half into triangles and then patterning must be done. This way you can try out other patterns and styles depending upon your taste and creativity!

The quilts in patchwork are often expensive in most shopping stores, so you can easily make one for you with these tips. Besides making one for yourself, you can also gift your loved ones something that is homemade, made with your own efforts that will be very treasured and loved. You can even transform this hobby of yours into a small-scale business too. Once you have made a couple of quilts, you can showcase them. Invite your family members, friends and neighbors and display your creations. Just clear your living room a bit and display your products with price tags on them. This way you can recycle the unusable fabrics that were thrown in a corner of your house and earn some extra money for your talent. For those of you who don’t want to sell the lovely quilts that you made with so much effort, you can just showcase them to family and friends. This way you will earn some appreciation for your hidden talents and skills!

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