Ditch the Black Tights!

Ok I know it’s winter and it’s probably the coldest one on record since the year dot, but come on! Black tights with every outfit? There really is no excuse. So what if we’ve had blizzards, who cares if the pavements are like skating rinks, why trouble yourself with dramas in the workplace about saving money on the company’s energy bills and turning off the heating an hour before every one goes home? You can still keep your legs warm, you just do not have to wear black tights every day. There are so many alternatives and yes, they will go with that summer dress you are revamping for winter by sticking a turtle neck jumper underneath it. In case you are having problems either sourcing, or getting inspiration, now that you’ve come around to the idea of ditching your black tights, have a look at the following and see how easy it is. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous!

Emilio Cavallini Large Hole Patterned Tights – Black – £14.00

If you are finding it hard to keep away from black tights, then start off slowly with these, diamond patterned ones. In a 60 denier, they are still thick enough to keep you warm, but with the extra detailing, they add a little more interest to your overall outfit. And hopefully will steer you in the right direction away from plain black. Buy from johnlewis.com.

Leopard Print Tights – £8.00

A pair of tights with an all over leopard print. Made from 94% nylon and 6% elastane. Why not jazz up a boring black dress or skirt suit with these fabulous leopard print tights? Far more exciting than boring black! Team them with a leopard print clutch or oversized tote bag and scarf and you’ve away! The tights have subtle brown patches so you can always pick this colour out instead and wear with browns or beiges. Buy from asos.com.

Celeste Stein Fredrick Dynasty Tights – £12.95

Now, have you ever seen such a beautiful pair of tights in your life? Me neither but I can already picture what I will be wearing with them! There are so many colours in these that you could pick out a couple and match them easily to something in your own wardrobe. They feature a colourful design of pretty florals and beautiful birds and are made of 87% nylon and 13% elastane. Denier is 40 so nice and thick for winter.

Acrylic Cable Knit Tights – £10.00

These tights will go with just about everything and when you consider that colour blocking is still all the rage, the world is your oyster! Featuring a cable knit design, with a reinforced toe and heel, in a stretch finish, these tights are made from 70% acrylic and 30% nylon. They will go with short skirts as they are so thick, and even shorts if you can bear it in this weather! Buy from asos.com.

 Celeste Stein A Powers Flowers Tights – £12.95

Bold and brilliant – these flower power inspired printed tights from Celeste Stein are a really 70s style statement. Made of 87% nylon and 13% elastane and the denier is 40. So psychedelic tights aren’t just for fancy dress, they’re for winter as well! Have you ever seen such funky tights? To buy these gorgeous beauties that you can bet your life no one else will have, visit mytights.com for more information.

Colour Block Tights – £12.00

Look how gorgeous these tights are! Can’t you just imagine already what you would be wearing with them? I am sorting out what is in my wardrobe just so I can buy a pair right now! Blacks, charcoals, any tones of grey and yellow would look fabulous with these and everyone loves stripes! These feature a high denier opaque finish, with a wide horizontal stripe pattern, in a colour-blocked finish. Buy from asos.com.

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