Dita Von Teese launches Vintage Clothing Collection

Far from being satisfied of the huge success that followed the release of her sensual lingerie range, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has decided to launch a brand new clothing collection, and as you would expect, it is full of old school Hollywood glamour. Her new collection includes a gorgeously impractical tulle based trench coat, a vampish 40’s style little black dress, and a flower power maxi dress.

The 40-year-old dancer spoke about her new collection to Refinery 29: “The dress collection is comprised of pieces that are all based on the things in my vintage collection that I believe are timeless. Some of the dresses are based on favorite vintage pieces that I’ve worn over and over for 12 years, and that’s a testament to a dress that transcends trends. I’ve also made them more wearable by changing little things like necklines, hemlines, etcetera, and making them out of the best quality fabrics so they are made to last, both physically and style-wise. This isn’t a retro clothing line — it’s really about classic glamour that doesn’t fade with time.”

VIP Trench Coat/Bon Bon Dress/Follow Me Dress

The clothing collection, which ranges in price from $350 to $995, was first launched in Australia earlier this year, but is now available via the American website shopdecadesinc.com, and comes in variety of sizes from a U.S. 4 to a U.S 16. The collection consists of The Follow Me Dress, $850; The Second Look Dress, $595; The Tryst Tulle Trench Coat, $350; The VIP Trench Coat, $895; The Bon Bon Dress, $995 and The Showcase Dress, $695. So which is Dita’s favourite? She said: “I find that I wear the Showcase Dress and the VIP Trench the most. A lot of people don’t go for the former because you have to try it on to see its beauty.

The black silk velvet is just about the most sensual dress I’ve ever worn – I just love really plush silk velvet – there’s nothing more glamorous and nothing sexier. It’s my man-catching uniform, works like a charm!” Speaking on the website, Dita explained the inspiration behind a few of the items. Of the Showcase Dress she said: “I have a vintage dress in my collection that has a very deep sculpted neckline.

I would often wear it with various, beautiful bras underneath to give it a sexy and unique look as the lace teasingly peeks out of the top. Sometimes I would wear it simply as is with its deep plunge showcasing my decolletage. With a below the knee hemline, it is the perfect way to bring sensuality and sophistication together.”

Photo of Dita Von Teese by Sheryl Nields

She described the reason she created the Follow Me Dress as: “This is designed after a dress from the 1950’s that I have worn over and over for about eleven years, and I always get compliments on it. It is timeless and always chic, which makes it a perfect wardrobe staple. I like to wear it with different vintage brooches from my collection on the shoulder. I have worn this dress over the years on red carpets, to events, parties and for many a romantic rendezvous. We remade this dress with a beautiful silk lining and silk chiffon, and I’m especially happy to have an improved version of the original dress in my wardrobe.”

Second Look Dress/Tryst Trench Coat/Showcase Dress

Dita considers the Second Look Dress as a wardrobe staple: “There is a very simple, sleek, black vintage dress I wear often. One of my most elegant friends loves this dress, often stating it is so simple yet the height of chic with nothing to distract from the beauty of a woman. I called this the Second Look dress because it may not seem like much, but when you slip into it with its figure-hugging powermesh interior, you are bound to get a second look!”

Some of the dresses in Dita’s collection are actually a mixture of two or more dresses from her own wardrobe, as she explains of the Bon Bon Dress: “I love the sensual feel of wearing long, sleek 1930’s style dresses for any occasion. This is a combination of two of my favorite vintage dresses. The luxurious velvet ribbon straps tied neatly in bows at the shoulders comes from a favorite but very fragile 1930s gown, and the inspiration for the fabric print comes from a rather unique 1940s dress from my collection.

I had the idea of reworking the print with new colors and by adding a tribute to my ever-present signature half-moon manicure. It was 20 years ago that I first discovered this vintage beauty method of manicure by closely studying classic Hollywood glamour photos, and I’ve been painting my nails this way ever since. It’s an obsession of mine, so I was delighted to find a way to work it into the silk print.”

Photo of Dita Von Teese by William Conroy

And as for her love of sophisticated coats and in particular trench coats she added: “I’ve always said that the key to achieving glamour on the go is to have a very chic coat. I collect coats from the 1950’s because the hourglass fit and flare silhouette is so flattering. I wanted to bring this shape to the classic black trench coat and this one has wonderful details like a hidden pocket, a tulle lining for a bit of volume, and the lovely grosgrain waist ribbon, which is a tribute to vintage couture. I might add that one of my favorite tools of seduction is a sexy coat, which I wear with nothing but black stockings and lingerie underneath!”

To view the Dita Von Teese Collection visit shopdecadesinc.com.

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