Veiling & Colour Flip to be new trends for 2013

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To be perfectly honest, I never really got the trend of the dip dye hair. To me it seemed a little like a hairdressers injoke, you know, a kind of ’emperors new clothes’ sort of gag, where fashion followers would copy any style if it was put out there by top ranking designers.

The trend of dip dyeing or ombre styling is when your holiday highlights are allowed to grow out several inches. A more extreme case would be a bottle blonde leaving her dark roots on show for months, not weeks, without getting them touched up.

But with the dip dye effect, ladies were not only leaving their highlighted hair and allowing their natural mousey colour to shine through, they were actively pursuing the look by dipping the ends into a highlighting solution to get that holiday vibe.

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And big beauty companies such L’Oreal capitalised on this trend by creating home dying packs and posting up YouTube clips on how to achieve the dip dye effect.

Problem with this look is that as soon as a couple of celebrities, such as Caroline Flack and Jessica Alba started to wear it, everyone thought it was a good idea. But to me it always looked as if the person sporting the hair do couldn’t be bothered to go to the hairdressers and get her roots sorted out.

I’m all for lazy hairdos, don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to wash and go and barely manage to run a comb through my untidy mop most days. But there is something about the colour that is important and having an outdated colour with roots showing to me was never a good idea.

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So I am delighted to tell you that there are going to be a couple of new trends for 2013, and hopefully we should have seen the last of the dippy dyeing hair disasters of this year. According to Jessica Speechly, who is the head of colour at Errol Douglas Salon, she reckons that a relatively new technique called ‘veiling’ and flipping the colours of dip dyeing will be the latest trends for 2013. So what is veiling?

Veiling is a technique that creates hidden panels of colour so that when the hair is flipped from side to the other it exposes a completely different and contrasting colour. The best effects for this technique would be for blondes to have contrasting panels of darker browns or even blacks, and brunettes can  do the same with a panel of red or auburn.

When you then flip the hair, you get an instant dramatic effect and it lifts the hair to another dimension. The great thing with this hair style is that the panels are completely hidden until the hair is flipped, so the look is very wearable. You can keep the hair down for the office, or up and show the hidden panels for a night out.

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Colour flipping of the dip dye is where the natural colour at the roots get a complete makeover and some exciting new crazy colour, so blondes can go for a more outrageous colour at the crown such as pinks, or dusky rose tones, whilst brunettes can play around with denim blues or bright scarlet reds. Fluorescent tones are also predicted to be a hit with this new colouring trend as literally anything goes.

Photo Credit: Myhairdresser.com

But remember, the main point is that whatever colour or style you choose, it should suit your face and colouring. And it should be healthy and glossy. Speechly says: “There’s no trend that should come before individual style and overall hair health – good condition is key to rocking a stunning colour choice.”

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