Dinner Cruises: Cruise Your Way to Romance

Many of us accept the dinner date as a staple of romantic culture. But have you considered sprucing up the old stand-by with the addition of a river and a boat? Dinner cruises are an amazingly romantic way of taking a dinner date to the next level. Even for business engagements, the dinner cruise is an excellent option and can help you come across as a person of the world who is able to provide excellent entertainment.

Most dinner cruises operate a strict dress code, expecting smart casual to smart attire, which allows them to provide you with an environment that speaks quietly but firmly of class and professionalism. Other cruises can be more fun-oriented, geared towards hen or stag nights and offering discos or other exciting forms of entertainment. You can even find dinner cruises that are showtunes-themed and offer live entertainment in the form of singers performing popular showtunes.

Generally speaking, dinner cruises take between two and three hours, and the boats whereupon they take place have many clear windows through which you can see night fall on the city of your choosing. This can add to the romance and the mystique of the moment, and around Christmas special dinner cruises can offer an even more magical view of London, York, or any other city offering dinner cruises as the seasonal lighting sparkles through the darkness.

Some companies offer package deals whereby you ride a local attraction such as the London Eye before boarding the boat for your dinner cruise, eat your multi-course meal and enjoy the live music before getting down to an evening of dancing.

Groups of any size can enjoy a dinner cruise, from a couple or pair to groups of over three hundred guests. You may even consider a dinner cruise the perfect alternative to a conventional wedding reception; if your guest list is below or around three hundred you can wow and dazzle the crowd with a boat cruise of the Thames or another city-bound river. Dancing and set menus are usually standard, but à la carte dining could also be an option.

Dinner cruises are an amazing way to spice up an otherwise boring way to spend an evening together, and can add a generous sprinkling of romance to help you unwind or bond together. For dinner cruises, look for companies such as Bateaux and Thames Dinner Cruise, and get ready for a magical evening you will never forget!

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