Digipen: digital pen that vibrates if you make a mistake

It is the latest technology that has got the experts talking – the Digipen by Lernstift, and has been designed by a couple of fathers who are fronting a creative team, and working alongside a German company.

Founders of Digipen

Founders of Digipen

The Digipen is currently on the Kickstarter crowd funding website, and so far has gained 269 backers who have pledged £25,929 towards the £120,000 goal.



The Digipen is a fully autonomous digital pen, designed for taking notes, drawing and learning how to spell, but it also points out writing mistakes and you can connect it via WiFi in real time.


The pen looks like a normal run of the mill pen from the outside, but inside houses the remarkable technology that use optical sensors, which allow the pen to pick up writing movements and then digitalize the words or sketches for computer use.


With most digital pens, you’ll find that many will require an external device, whilst others will work with a specialist paper, but the Digipen has all the technology housed inside the actual pen. It works with apps but you do not need the apps for it to be able to work.




You can download certain apps that will help your child, for instance there are learning apps and writing apps, or you can use learning games apps and even get your children to draw greetings cards on the internet and send them via their PC.


The Digipen has two primary functions; it can recognise spelling errors and it can highlight flaws in your handwriting.


The way the Digipen works is that there is a mini computer board inside the pen with an embedded Linux system. This board contains everything that the Digipen requires to function, including the motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module.


And don’t worry if your handwriting is illegible, as the founders of Digipen are working on software that will create a learning mode for the writers’ individual handwriting style.


The shape of the pen has been ergonomically designed, making it especially good for children, and is also available in two colours for kids, pink and blue.

Software for the pen will also be continually updated, although the hardware will probably remain the same, as such you can expect the early models of Lernstift to remain up-to-date.


For social media fans, you’ll be pleased to know that the founders of the Digipen are also big fans of Facebook, GooplePlus, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. and are working on making the Digipen connectable to these sites with certain apps.

For more information, or if you want to make a pledge, visit KickStarter, but hurry, you only have until Friday 9 2013.

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