Different Uses of Henna Tattoo

Using henna tattoos for body arts and paints are very common in various countries and cultures around the world.

Henna Tattoo

Many people prefer this type of tattoo as coloring elements because it is safe and non-invasive. It is also temporary and is painless when applied. In India, this type of tattoo has been used for over centuries as part of their tradition and culture.

The temporary tattoo art form is popularly known as Mehandi or Mehndi in India. This ancient art form existed 5,000 years ago and until now, people in India are still using Mehndi in wedding ceremonies and other religious events. Even other countries use this temporary art form for recreation and art purposes because of its beauty and simplicity in terms of application.

Henna powder used for tattoos are derived from the bush named Lawsonia Inermis which can be mostly found in the Middle East and other regions or places with warm and dry climates. To make the powder, the bush is harvested and dried then crushed into fine particles in order to make the powder.

The powder is not only used for tattoos but it can also be used for hair colors and treatments, and hair conditioners. It is also included in products to treat heat rashes. Almost all parts of the plant can be converted into powder but the upper portion and the leaves is the ideal part for Mehndi use while the lower part is usually converted into paste for art designs.

The natural color of the bush when converted into powder is green. When applied or mixed with water, the original stain from the product is usually reddish orange color. Aside from the original red orange color, many companies also manufacture and produce this temporary tattoo product with other colors with black as the most common.

Pure and natural henna with no added chemicals or colors are absolutely safe for the skin and the body. Some people that experienced allergies and other skin-related problems because of the temporary tattoo are usually caused by the added chemicals and not because of the main product. That is why it is recommended to use the tattoo made with pure and natural ingredients to avoid skin problems.

The red dye is not only used for art purposes but according to history, the bush was actually used as body paint because it was discovered to cool off the skin. With the cooling properties of henna, this temporary tattoo is not only used for art purposes but it is also helpful in cooling the body down.

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