Different kinds of Aerators that are found in the market

There are some devices that are used to mix air with some other substances for various reasons such as water or soil and many more. These devices are called aerators that are usually used to improve the substance’s quality. This method is also called aeration.

There are many different kinds of aerators that are found in the market today. They are wine, lake or pond, faucet, floating surface and lawn aerators to mention a few. Each one of them has different used and different methods to aerate.

When we speak of a lake or pond aerator we mean the device that is used to mix air with the lower levels of the pond so that marine life can flourish and thus we can save the pond ecosystem. There are different ways in which we aerate ponds and lakes namely surface aeration, paddlewheel and course bubble aeration and many more. If not mixed well then there are some other devices that are used.  

We also have a faucet aerator. It is usually found at the tips of water faucets that are found indoors. Without this, water gushes out of the faucet like a big stream. With the help of aeration water flows out in tiny jets of water which makes work easier and also saves lot water.

The lawn aerator is a machine or a tool that is made to aerate soils in which grass glow. This process helps the quality of the soil by improving its drainage and also by promoting the growth of flora, fauna and worms all of which need oxygen. It is more of a tool that is used in gardens.

Another aerator which is very popular in the market is the one used to aerate wine. It is a small decanter with which air is mixed with wine. Though there are different wine aerators that are found the decanter-tops and the single glass aerators are best known and used all over the wine world. This acts as a substitute of swirling which is the actual method of decanting wines.

There are others as well that are used and one of them is the one that is used to aerate lagoons. Now comes the question that why do we need to aerate lagoon which is such a big water body? Well the answer is because lagoons being the natural habitat for many animals and plants need to be cleaned and oxygenated. Usually since lagoons are quiet large people use a different kind of aerator. These are called floating surface aerators that covers a big area and mixes air with the water. After mixing the air the floating surface aerators even distribute the air to different areas of the water. We also need to keep in mind the temperature at which this has to be done because the aeration would be of no use if done in areas where the temperature varies between 4 to 33 degrees Celsius. 

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