Different between Private Schools and Public Schools

Most of the parents find it very difficult to plan which school should they admit their children to. Since there are a lot of options the confusion is more. Schools can be divided into two main sections, the public schools and private schools. The schools which are operated by the government and the funds are managed by the federal government are the public schools and the ones which depend on funds from people, trusts and other private sources are the private schools. This article would help parents to decide on to which would be a better option for their children. A comparative study of the public schools and private schools:- The problem with public school is student population.

Public schools are large and they have more students per teacher. For this, sometimes students do not get much attention which is needed. Whereas when you are in private schools, there is one teacher for every 13 students which helps the teacher to give the required attention to the students. It might be because of free education which is offered in the public schools. The curriculum which is planned in the public schools is not polished when it is compared to private schools. They offer the same sets of questions to students of all kinds. This is not the case in the private schools where questions and curricula are set according to their own system. The public schools accept students irrespective of the talent of the students and also their merit. This results in high dropout percentage and tarnishes the image of the schools. This also results is slow learning methods. Private schools on the other hand conduct different exams and interviews which help them to eliminate students which are not up to their standards.

Thus private schools are more renowned than the public ones. Though there are a lot of problems in public schools, it does have positive sides as well. Students get to mix with children of varying cultures and socio economic background. This helps the students to know a lot about other cultures and also helps in polishing the social attributes of the child. The teachers get along with students well and there always prevail a good ambience in the classrooms. Many public schools use vernaculars and mother tongues while teaching. This sometimes helps the students to understand better and the ice between the teacher and the student is broken. In spite of the problems in public schools it has been found out that students there get better ranking in the colleges and other institutes when compared to students who pass out from private schools. So before finalizing on your decision of admitting your child to a school it is always recommended that you do a lot of research and take time. But never forget that you should always go for a school which would meet your children’s attention and satisfy his or her needs, wants and abilities.

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