Dietary Trends for 2012

With all the hype about obesity being on the rise in Western countries, including the United Kingdom and the USA, it is fairly obvious that there will be more new “miracle” weight loss strategies that come out. Fortunately, however, because the general public are becoming more sophisticated and knowledgeable about what they eat, these diets will continue to focus more on lifestyle change and healthy eating than just crash dieting.

You will still get crash diets, of course, but the general trend towards a holistic approach to dieting will continue. The organic food debate is far from over so expect more and more diets in 2012 to include the use of organically produced food as opposed to inorganically produced foods. In fact, one of the dietary trends for 2012 will focus on eating organic foods but with more focus on growing your own foods than in previous years.

Even more manufacturers will bow to consumer demand in 2012 and ensure that the food that they provide is sourced from organic producers. With another possible global recession looming, dietary trends for 2012 will include eating a lot more foods that are in season.An additional reason for this will be the desire to be more environmentally friendly. This will also result in food manufacturers bowing to pressure and sourcing more locally grown produce.

We are likely to see the resurgence of the farmer’s market being the main source for groceries again. Expect to see more fusion cuisine as restaurants try to keep their offerings fresh whilst using locally grown, organic produce. Also expect to see the continued trend towards smart casual dining continue. Smart casual dining refers to the phenomenon that we have started to see this year – fast food establishments are creating a better value offering and moving more towards the higher dining side of the spectrum.

Fine dining is becoming more casual in its approach and offering the same great quality in a less formal setting. Dietary trends in 2012 will certainly prove to be interesting although there are not likely to be any major surprises in the offing. Expect to be told to cut down on portions of unhealthy foods and increase consumption of healthy foods.

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