Meratol Diet suplement pill hits Hollywood

With all the recent media coverage surrounding the rise of eating disorders amongst young males, it is not perhaps surprising when you consider that celebrity A List stars, such as George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio have been reported to be fans of a new diet supplement.

Photograph Credits: Leonardo Di Caprio - EPA. George Clooney - Getty Images

Photograph Credits: Leonardo Di Caprio – EPA. George Clooney – Getty Images

Meratol is an advanced weight management pill that can help you in losing weight and increasing metabolism. It contains capsicum (chilli), Prickly pear, brown algae and caffeine and has been developed to compliment a normal balanced diet. Developed to help increase attention and alertness, it also supports performance and capacity, and can help to increase elimination and support the body whilst maintaining a healthy regime.


And it is men that have sparked a rush in sales, as reports show that males are now out buying women by two thirds for the first time. Since it was revealed that Clooney and Di Caprio were fans of the diet supplement, sales have gone through the roof, with an estimated 25,000 bottles of the pills being sold in the UK in the last two months alone.

And perhaps because of the male celebrity endorsement, and the fact that it is being advertised as a metabolic enhancer, men are now accounting for 74 per cent of the total sales.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The diet supplement is said to increase your metabolism whilst at the same time surpressing your appetite. And in the UK, TOWIE reality star – Lauren Goodger is promoting the pills. Lauren used the pills to shed a few excess pounds and said: ‘I’ve taken a lot of herbal diet tablets and some can make you feel a bit shaky but on Meratol I don’t feel any different. It helps you burn fat and suppresses your appetite.’

A spokesperson for Meratol said: ‘We usually see a ration of around 55:45 women to men purchasing our slimming aids. For the first time in six years we can report a significant change in buying patterns with male customers being our primary customer.

‘It has been reported recently that two thirds of British men are overweight so there is an increased awareness among them in actively taking action to lose weight.

‘Women are already aware of such products but when you get fans like George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, it helps raise their profile to a whole new audience of men.’

Meratol claims to help shift between three and five pounds a week and in clinical trials has proved to be effective. The diet supplement contains an ingredient called Cacti-Nea™ which the makers say could have a beneficial effect on certain kinds of cellulite. The brown seaweed extract was also shown to ‘reduce the negative effect of a hypercaloric diet on body weight and body fat gain’.



Meratol is described as a ‘turbo weight loss’ supplement, and bottles contain 60 pills costing £35 tub contains 60 pills, which the manufacturers say is enough for a month’s use.

Currently Meratol is only available to buy through their online website – meratol.com.

There are a couple of online deals however, buy 4 bottles and get 1 free, reduced from £139.96 to £97.99, or buy a 3 month supply and get 20% off, reduced from £104.977 to £83.99.

Shipping is free.

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