Did You Know That You Can Make Your Own Halloween Costumes?

There are a few holidays in the world where people can get to dress up in as many costumes as they want. Halloween sits on top of this list. The bizarre and spooky costumes have all become part of the festivity. You will find kids and adults alike dressed up as zombies, mummies, vampires, skeletons and other ghoulish creatures. These costumes are heavily influenced by the Goth works and also the modern day horror films such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Studies have shown that the Dracula costume, an imagery of the lord of all blood sucking vampires, as the most popular of all Halloween costumes. Virtually every kid has dressed up as Count Dracula in one or more Halloween festivities.

All of the Halloween costumes resemble some supernatural figure. This is partly due to the origins of the festival. History shows that the festival of Halloween can be traced back to certain ancient festivals that were held to remember the dead. The Celtic festival of Samhain and the All Saints’ Day were all held to honor and pray for the dead. Even the Chinese have their own brand of Halloween that is meant to make peace with the dead. This is why you will see so many people dressed up as ghosts, zombies and the undead to relate to those who have since passed away. Many people do not know this and they actually think it’s all a game. Traditionally though, the costumes were only associated with mythic creatures and the supernatural. However, modern works of fiction have had a great influence over the costumes. And that is why you will always find Dracula or Frankenstein lurking somewhere during Halloween.

The US adopted the costume wearing aspect of Halloween during the 20th century. Mass production of the costumes started in the 1930s and since then, millions of these costumes have been made. This was mainly due to the popularity of trick-or treating tradition back then. However, did you know that you can make your own Halloween costumes? You do not have to go around shopping for costumes in stores. Making your own Halloween costumes can be a fan and cash saving strategy for just about any family in the country. You do not have to stick to the rigidity offered by readymade costumes. All that you need to know when you are making your own Halloween costumes is the theme behind the festivities. Dark, gloomy and scary should be your main guiding points. You can go all out and make your very own custom made costume and really stand out in the crowd.

Commercially made costumes are somewhat dull in their lack of imagination. You can be sure that you will either get a Dracula costume or a Frankenstein costume in most stores. Everyone ends up with the same costume makes the whole festival dull. People need to be more proactive in making their own costumes and bring back the fun in the holiday. You do not want half a dozen kids spotting the same look while they are trick-or-treating. The candy will be hard to come by in such situations. Homemade costumes cannot be compared with commercial products. You should let your imagination run wild when you are designing your very own unique Halloween products.

One of the simplest yet effective Halloween costume is the ghost. Just grab a white bed sheet and cut out the eyes and you are set to go. But you have to make sure that the sheet is short enough to avoid any tripping, otherwise all the candy will be sprawled on the drive way. But you can be more creative than this. You can dress up the ghost a little bit and spruce it up to acquire a really unique look. You can cut out a mouth slit, apply some eye shadow on the cut out eyes and even attach some eye lashes. Let your imagination turn wild here. You might even give your ghost a moustache or even apply lipstick on it. All you need is your imagination and some few tools and you are set to go.

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