Devotion Vodka: The world’s first protein infused ultra premium vodka

Devotion Spirits have created the world’s first premium vodka that contains the health benefits of proteins. Made in San Francisco, coincidently the birthplace of the original martini, Devotion Spirits is set to release the first-ever 80-proof, four column distilled vodka, that will seriously transform the ordinary cocktail. Whilst every bar shelf is stacked high with different flavoured vodkas, Devotion Vodka is the first and only vodka which literally provides a drink with a real protein boost. Company President Drew Adelman, thought up the revolutionary beverage, and says that he was inspired by a search to combine his two favorite passions: fitness and nightlife. “My own personal mantra has always been… if you are going to be bad, you might as well be good,” Adelman adds, “With Devotion Vodka I can stay devoted to my regimen, while stepping out for a good time. I used to actually take my own protein out with me when I went for a night on the town. Then I realized there were millions of people like me who wanted to take care of their bodies and also have a good time. From that passion, Devotion Vodka was born.”

The 750ml custom made bottle should retail at around $29.99, and the distinctive style and shape of of the frosted glass bottle, complete with an iconic logo and distinguishing coloured cap, was created in France. Co-founder and Vice President, Bob Jones notes: “I have been in the nightlife industry for many years and I have seen some of the best ideas come through our clubs and restaurants,” he continues, “From Red Bull and Rockstar to Voss Water and Alize… all of those brands have a common thread – unique selling points that made them hugely successful. Devotion Vodka is a top-tier vodka product spirit enthusiasts will embrace. I believe Devotion Vodka has an unrivaled brand proposition everyone can understand and appreciate: protein. I have no doubt this will be the next big thing in the beverage industry.” Many mass-produced vodkas use flavors or sugary substances to mask their poor distillation and processing, but the Devotion spirits team realized the essential benefits of using the natural ingredient protein, in addition to meticulous methods. Derived from special processes in the Netherlands, the proprietary protein they selected is a groundbreaking all-natural hydrolysate casein developed by DSM scientists and called PeptoPro®.

And it seems that the celebrities who care about their health and fitness agree, as actor, athlete and fitness model Sebastian Seigel says: “I’m exactly the type of person that Devotion Vodka was made for. I have known Drew for many years and when he told me of his idea to develop protein-infused vodka, I told him I would be the first person buying a drink at the bar. It is ingenious. For athletes and anyone who takes care of their body and is looking for the best products for their lifestyle, Devotion Vodka has to be the choice.”

Adelman had help from distinguished Frank Lin Distillery chemist, Dhir Singh and award-winning spirits chemist, Dr. Win Adler in order to make the vodka. Devotion Vodka’s proprietary solution was selected by Singh for the following reasons: Solubility. Clarity. Taste. Feel.

Devotion Vodka flavours include Blood Orange, Black & Blue, The Perfect Cosmo and Original.

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