The new device that turns your gloves into a phone

phone gloveYou may get some strange looks if you’re walking down the street chatting to your friends with this new gizmo, but it’s certainly provides a talking point.

During the winter, gloves are a must to protect your fingers from chilly temperatures. But, there’s nothing more annoying than having to keep removing your mittens to use your smartphone.

So, there are two choices – you can buy a pair of touchscreen gloves or, more radically, turn your gloves into your phone.

Mobile Fun, which sells mobile phone accessories, is pushing the Hi-Fun Bluetooth Gloves which allow users to handle calls by simply using their hand.

Because they are made from touchscreen friendly material, you can utilise all the features of your smartphone without taking off your gloves. But, they go further than that and allow users to handle calls.

A spokesman for Mobile Fun explained: “Simply place the gloved hand to the ear in a phone shape and talk: the recipient will hear what is being said in crystal clear clarity and the integrated microphone and speaker allow the user to communicate back. It’s simple and easy to chat away while the smartphone remains in a bag.

“The gloves are extremely easy to use and can be controlled with a pad on the top of the glove. Plus, they can be recharged through USB, so don’t require any batteries: simply connect them to the Bluetooth of the smartphone and calls are ready to be handled.”

The new gloves have certainly proved a talking point on technology forums. One user said: “As if watching a bunch of crazies talking to themselves ain’t bad enough, now we gotta see them walking around with their gloved hands up to their ears! Sheeesh, if ET drops in on us, he might die laughing.”

Speaking about the way you have to hold your hand to use the gloves, tech website gadizmo said: “It’s the universal sign for phone and one of the most natural things in the world: holding your thumb and pinkie to your mouth and ear. And, thanks to this handy (pun intended) glove/telephone combo, you can now not only gesticulate about an incoming call, but answer it as well.”

Coolmomtech added: “While I could live without the cutesie logo on the wrist, it’s still pretty amazing. Finally, I can keep my gloves on and still talk on the phone. Looking like James Bond while I’m at it is a bonus.”

It looks like Mobile Fun has another success on its hands. It already scooped the title of Best Accessory Retailer 2012 at the What Mobile Awards along with winning Online Retailer of the Year.

Created by four young Italian entrepreneurs, who say they are inspired by the love of music and by constantly travelling for work between the US and China, Hi-Fun’s new gizmo adds to its quirky range which includes Hi-Ear, earmuffs incorporating speakers.

The gloves cost £49.99 from mobilefun.co.uk

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