Deus Ex: Human Revolution – A Review

When Deus Ex first came out over 10 years ago, it was hailed as being one of the best and most influential PC games ever seen. Many have tried to imitate the way it uses shooting targets with solving stealth games of puzzles, codes and alarms. The much eagerly awaited sequel is no different but very improved. A game of intelligence and muscle power, it relies on you using your brain to navigate secretly from room to room without disturbing tripwires or guards and the story of plots surrounding mega corporations that want to splice the human body into machines is awesome. So what do we have here?Your role is of Adam Jensen who heads up security at Sarif Industries, a company based in Detroit which specialise in human augmentation and weapons design. A raid takes place on the Sarif HQ which results in the death of its top research scientists and it is now your job to find who is responsible. You are now fully immersed in a company collusion in which you must utilise all your brain power and psychological know how to solve the conspiracy.

Set in 2027, the graphics on this game are akin to Blade Runner, taking hues of orange, greys and black to create an undertone of a grim world that could exist in the future. And the environment in which you have to explore is visually impeccable, with grey steely buildings rising and golden shadows appearing at every turn. The gameplay is what really captures you however. Being able to choose to play a stealth game of creeping around in bolt holes or crawling around ventilation ducts without disturbing the guards, or using your iintelligence to charm information out of people for your own use. And there is a hacking mini-game that allows you to take control of control of turrets, cameras and security robots when you find security stations If you prefer a shoot em up style there is a huge range of weapons at your disposal and the game gives you an amazing first-person shooting engine. The dialogue is short and gruff which suits the game play and you can plan each mission with an array of clever tactical approaches and such as reprogramming the oppositions robots to fire on their masters, to full on ninja style attacks. Your success depends on upgrading your weaponry as you roam from room to room and as such you become less human as a result. This is a great game for those who want a little more than just firing super guns at the enemy. Prepare to be hooked.

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