Detox Your Kids after Chocolate Overload

Children spend a lot of time around the holidays eating chocolate and sweets and, frankly, not being disciplined as harshly as they otherwise would be, because it’s the holidays. This practice makes perfect sense; with family and friends visiting every other day, and handing over junk food at every turn, it would be impossible to stick to the rules as rigorously as usual. However, it also means that as a parent, you’ll have to make sure you help them find their way back to their usual routine. This is important to help them get back to school without any unpleasantries, but also to help you restore harmony to your home. Find out how to get it all done!

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Hopefully, you will have gone through your children’s toy collection(s) and removed anything that is no longer needed before the holidays. If, however, you have not done this, now is the time. Making room for new toys is a time-honoured tradition helping you to keep your home from being overrun completely by new toys whenever Santa visits. Reorganising the toy tidying routine is also a good idea; consider buying new storage boxes and labelling them carefully to help your children tidy up well and quickly. This will also help them to find the exact toy they need and want whenever they’re looking for it; shelves with handily labelled boxes on top will make for a very tidy, very easy tidying routine. Don’t forget to encourage your children to tidy up appropriately every time, and every month or so you can have them empty every box and ensure the toys are separated by type again. Ikea, your pound shop and your supermarket will allow you to buy storage boxes of any shape and size.

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Some healthier food choices are a good idea. The easiest way to reintroduce your children to a better diet is the fastest; simply cut out junk food entirely for a few days. You may have to deal with some whining, but frankly as long as you keep them well-fed and provide some healthy snacking options you shouldn’t need to handle too many tantrums. In fact, as an overload of sugar can lead to hyperactivity and unnecessary tears, you should see an improvement in your child(ren)’s behaviour almost immediately.

Getting some more physical activity into your child(ren)’s schedule is a good plan, too. Now is the perfect time for some brisk walks or explorations of the neighbourhood using that shiny new bike. Despite the cold weather, you can take the kids swimming at the local pool and enjoy some fun time splashing around together.

If you’re experiencing trouble getting your little ones to bed at night, consider waking them up earlier in the morning. Letting them have a lie-in seems like a nice idea, but it does make bedtime more problematic. A few days before school lets back in, you need to start waking them up in the morning again and reinstate the usual getting-ready routine so they can get used to it once more and be well on their way to getting used to the schoolday’s requirements by the time they have to don their uniform again!

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