Desperate Housewives Star Shares New Skincare Products

Take one look at the former Desperate Housewives star Vanessa Williams and you would not believe she was 49 years old. She is also a winner of the prestigious title of Miss America, which might explain why this lady has managed to hold back the years so gracefully. Ms Williams has always stuck to her own regime of skincare and said that creating her own range was something she had wanted to do for years. The actress told WWD, “I’ve decided to share my secrets,” and added “Living in the moment is something I always strive to do, hectic schedule or not. So, when the parts were put in motion to launch this skincare line, I knew it was something I wanted to accomplish.” The skincare range is called ReVitalistic, and features five products that include an anti-aging cream, firming eye serum and a skin ‘perfecting’ peel.

The range will be available through the shopping channel QVC, from August 3 and individual products will also be released in certain stores at a later date. Ms Williams has been involved in the creation of the skincare in every step of the way. She has chosen the ingredients that she had grown familiar with and incorporated them into a formula with the help of many skincare experts. “These are the greatest hits that have worked for me as I’ve aged,” she said. “I’ve taken proven skin care concepts and improved them. I am involved in every aspect of it, from the name, the color palette of the packing, the logo and the ingredients. It has been a labor of love and I have loved working on it for years until I knew it was perfect.” She added, “Texture matters to me whenever I put a product on my face so I’ve created rich, luxurious blends with a smooth complex giving a weightless feeling.”

Ms Williams said that she had struggled to find the right cosmetics to suit her skin. “I’ve tried to age gracefully in front of the camera,” she said. “I needed products that were effective in reversing the signs of aging, sun damage and years of travel and makeup. I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. So I decided to create my own.” The star of the skincare range is forecast to be a skin serum called ‘Re-Start Skin Serum’. And the range is competively priced at between $48 and $68. The Desperate Housewives star used to be a spokesperson for the Proactiv skincare range and has spoken publicly about having suffered from problem skin all her life. Ms Williams hit the headlines last year when she published her autobiography which was co-written with her mother and called ‘You’ve Got No Idea’. She is next due to be seen on our screens in a forthcoming TV series called 666 Park Avenue.

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