Design your own shoes at Shoes of Prey

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an undiscovered designer, or you have a special occasion that you want to glam up your feet for and simply cannot find the right shoes to go with your outfit, you’ll want to check out Australian company Shoes of Prey.

Design your own shoes at Shoes of Prey

At Shoes of Prey you can design your very own pair of shoes, using the website’s easy to navigate software, and come up with a pair of shoes that are truly unique.

Co-founder of Shoes of Prey – Jodie Fox says: “We believe that every woman deserves the perfect shoe, and by operating in different languages and offering free worldwide shipping, we hope to bring many more shoe-lovers’ dreams to life.”

shoes of prey

The company has been established since 2009 and they have been helping people design a huge range of shoes, from flats, heels, wedges and sandals. And if you are not inspired, all you have to do is take a look at their website, which has every colour, material and design of shoe you can imagine, so it’s not hard to get started.

Design your own shoes

shoes of prey - design your perfect shoe

There is a 3D designer which helps you to choose the shape, colour and height of your shoes. Once you have submitted your design, the experts then set about creating your pair.

So if you want a certain heel height, a particular fabric, any specific final touches, the choice is yours. Each shoe is crafted individually to make sure that your exact requirements are met, and you can rest assured that you will never see the same pair on anyone else.

Choose your shape

shoes of prey - choose your shape

You can select from 12 essential shoe shapes, which are ballet flats, mid heels, high heels or extra high heels, stilettos, flat or heeled sandals, flat or heeled oxfords, gladiators, party heels, ankle boots and wedges.

Then comes the fun part, you can play around with over 170 fabrics to select the exact shade and texture you want. Materials include faded leather, soft leather, patent leather, suede, silk, genuine snakeskin, genuine fishskin, vegan, sparkle or cotton blend.

Choose your colour

shoes of prey - choose your colour

You then have a series of options, for instance, whether to have any kind of overlay, the colour of the inside sole, what finish you’d like on the heel as well as the height.

There is even an option to create a different style back to your shoe, a slingback or fully covered, and you can design what shape and style of toe you’d like, from gladiator to open.

Free World delivery

shoes of prey - free world delivery

There’s really nothing that Shoes of Prey haven’t thought of.

Once you have made your final decisions, the shoes will be delivered free via DHL within around 4 weeks. And if they are not quite right you have a whole 365 days in which to return them and Shoes of Prey will remake them free of charge or offer a full refund – including shipping.

shoes of prey - a customer trying a shoe

The shoes cost from £109 for sandals; £109 for ballet or flat oxfords; £149 for 1.5 to 3.5-inch heels, £149 for 4 to 6-inch heels and £169 for ankle boots or heeled oxfords.

It is such a perfect idea, it makes you wonder why no one has thought of it before!

For more information, check out the website at shoesofprey.co.uk

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