Design Solutions for Small Spaces

A small living space can be functional and cosy with a few simple tricks. Just because an area is small, does not mean you are out of options in terms of storage space and design ideas. Most design ideas in small spaces centre around making the room appear lighter.

The Wall Colours

Dark colours absorb light and make a room look smaller. Use lighter colours on the wall and accent with darker colours if you really want them. A matt paint will also absorb light whereas paint with sheen will reflect it making the room seem more spacious.

Double Up

In a small space, almost every item of furniture should be able to double up for something else. Use your dining room table as a desk. Consider getting a bed with drawers in its base. Use the wall behind the bed to create storage in place of formal wardrobes. You could build a set of floor to ceiling shelves around your bed to form your headboard and side tables. Use screens to artfully disguise the majority of shelves and use these as storage space for your clothing.

Climb the Walls

We tend to have the idea that everything should be on the floor or on a piece of furniture. This is nonsense. Use the walls to create floating shelves to store books and knick knacks. Have the TV mounted on the wall. You can even use box frames to create extra storage on the walls.

Light as Air

Décor features that allow light to pass through them make a room look bigger. Look for glass-topped tables and translucent panels to finish off this effect.

Go in the Opposite Direction

You might decide to make the room look decidedly cosy and this look can be achieved by using rich, warm colours. Ensure that there are elements in the room to lighten the look and do not be afraid to use selected large pieces to complete this look. A large, overstuffed couch can look great in a small room as long as there is not too much else going on.

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