Design awards: Apple’s best apps of 2013

As Apple says, there’s an app for everything. So, it can be difficult to choose from the sheer wealth of apps available from the Apple store. But, the Californian tech giant has stepped in to help by showcasing the best of the best in its Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 Apple Design Awards. And, clearly unable to choose a round number like a top 10, Apple has come up with a top 11 apps it says “raise the bar in design, technology, and innovation.”

WWF Together

WWF together

This interactive app lets you experience the world’s most amazing animals in an innovative way. You can find out about the lives of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species, trying out “tiger vision”, hunting as a polar bear or chopping bamboo as a panda. This app impressed Apple with its beautiful aesthetic and music score, talking advantage of all the capabilities of multi-touch.



Billed as a complete art studio at your fingertips, Procreate is simply dripping with innovative features including true-to-life pencils, inks and brushes. You can also easily share your masterpieces on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.



An action adventure platformer that is a cut above the rest when it comes to production values, Badland features luscious graphics, with gameplay taking place in an idyllic forest setting. Players must discover traps and overcome obstacles.

Yahoo! Weather

yahoo weather

There are lots of apps to choose from if you’re looking for the weather forecast. But Apple says Yahoo! Weather stands out because of its “simple, uncluttered, and beautiful visual design”. It combines practical information with stunning photography based on the time of day, location and conditions.



A deceptively simple yet highly addictive wordplay game. Players must find words, steal tiles and colour the board. It’s a game which has won across-the-board rave reviews, with the Daring Fireball tech site saying: “It’s the first game that’s made my iPhone’s first home screen in years.”

Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing

Now, we have to admit, we’re not exactly fans of those extreme fishing TV shows. But Ridiculous Fishing is as far removed from those as can be. The game has been lovingly handcrafted to feature fishing with a difference. You can even use high-calibre weaponry to blast the fish right out of the water.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

sky gamblers

With World War II 70th anniversary events still fresh in our minds, this app is a timely affair featuring World War II arcade-style combat action. Aircraft are accurately rendered and there are special effects to make in-app flying more realistic, including heat haze and sun glare.

Coda 2

coda 2

A niche app, this is one for developers. It offers all-in-one editing features for web coding, making any task simpler and more enjoyable. It’s been specially designed so that it’s flexible and extendable with keyboard shortcuts and plug-ins. It also has a handy tool called AirPreview to let you preview any site design on iPad.


Evernote on iPhone

If, like us, you have to jot everything down before you forget it, then this app could be perfect. A popular note-taking and archiving service, it allows you to save all your ideas along with audio and video footage of the things you see and hear, so it’s perfect for creative types.


finish app

Designed by Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen while they were sophomores at Boulder High School in Colorado. The pair were inspired by students floundering during their finals week. Finish is a task manager which allows you to build up a to-do list of short, mid and long-term tasks.



Another student development, this app was created by a team of self-taught iOS developers. It cleverly allows you to connect multiple iPhones into one big screen so you can use them to view photos or share files. You simply connect devices by swiping across screens.

With such a variety of apps making the grade, there’s sure to be one that you just have to download.

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