Denim Hair is Spring’s Hottest New Trend

You cannot help to have noticed that jeans are having somewhat of a comeback on virtually all of the catwalks this spring. But what has blown people away is the emergence of denim hair.

All natures and shades of denim, from bright indigos to pale stonewash or turquoise sea blues have been spotted, not on people’s legs, on their hair.

Varieties of blue hues have been turning up over social media and swapping the pumpkin spices of autumn and replacing the rainbow oil slicks of winter for a decidedly fresher denim update.

In fact, Instagram has been positively inundated with snaps of blue hair, but all with one thing in common, they match a tone of jeans.

So why the sudden fascination with all things blue, but in particular, all things denim?

Courtesy Pravana

Courtesy Pravana

Justin Anderson, celebrity colorist and Pravana guest artist, reckons he has the answer. He spoke to InStyle magazine:

“The denim hair trend is not unlike other bright and fun hair color trends, but it is always in a shade of blue to mimic one of America’s favorite things: blue jeans. It’s a nod to true Americana.”

The great thing about this colour trend is that it is easy to maintain and doesn’t require frequent salon visits.

“The difference between denim hair and other creative color trends is that it doesn’t have to be super-saturated,” Anderson adds.

“Like denim, it can look a little faded and washed out.”

“That’s great news for those of us who don’t have the time to constantly refresh our color, and similar to the oil slick trend, it’s one that looks especially good against darker bases—just keep in mind some heavy lifting will have to be done, as your hue needs to be bleached out before taking on the blue tones.”

Courtesy Pravana

Courtesy Pravana

And even better, there’s a denim hue to suit all colours of hair, from blonde to brunette. Likewise, with the versatility of chucking on a pair of jeans, this colour hair seems to go with everything.

You can choose whether to look super edgy with deep sea blues mixed with a little indigo, or keep to a laidback style with stonewashed, pale powdery dusky blues.

The trend is now going so mainstream that international beauty brand L’Oréal have created three denim hair shades, including Stonewash, Indigo and Midnight Ink.

© L’Oréal

© L’Oréal

These are all in-salon colours that apparently suits all hair types, colours and skin tones.

If you are thinking about trying the denim hair colour trend yourself, Anderson has some tips for you before you start.

He recommends starting the dyeing process slowly, before you take a major plunge and get a whole head dyed.

“Make sure you tell your stylist that you don’t want a super-saturated hue. Bring pictures of the hues you like,” he advises.

He also recommends you change your regular shampoo for colour enhancing products, as do L’Oréal by the way.

If the idea of your colour of denim hair is to get a stone or acid wash then you can skip the glossy finish, but hair always looks better with a shine.

Anderson also says that although this is a dyeing style that fits all skin tones, some of the more olive complexions may have to have a few green tints mixed in to match their yellow skins.

And remember, with this hair trend you can use the same ombre and dip dye techniques for a really head-turning head of hair.

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