Demi Lovato Launches ‘Secret Color’ Hair Extensions Headband


Forget tortoiseshell, ditch the dip dye and we are so over ombre, there’s a new colour option in town and it’s set to revolutionise the way we dye our hair. ‘Secret Color’ is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and actress Demi Lovato, who is renowned for her ever changing hair color.

The 22 year-old American has created a line of brightly colored hair extensions that you simply pull over your head using the headband.


The secret to the extensions is that the headband is completely invisible, thanks to the patented and revolutionary technique in which it has been developed and made. So now anyone can have a burst of color, without commitment, as the extensions come in Demi’s favourite bright hues of pink, blue, red and purple.


You can also create your very own unique look by combining several colors at a time, or many of the same to give a fuller appearance.


Demi told Hollywood Life why color was so important to her:

“Changing up my hair is one of my favorite ways to express myself. With Secret Color, I’ve made it easy for my fans to do the same! Self expression, creativity and fun are what Secret Color allows my fans to convey through their hair and I can’t wait to see what they come up with as I make my way along my tour,” she added: “I live my life in color…the color of strength.”

Demi Lovato Credit: Splash/Courtesy of Skechers

Demi Lovato Credit: Splash/Courtesy of Skechers

The extensions are made using an all new keratin conditioned fiber. Keratin is the compound that makes up the majority of your natural hair, so these extensions actually feel and fall like your own hair. They can also be washed, curled and styled like your own hair, which means they are easier to blend in with your natural locks.

Demi created the hair extensions product with the help of her make-up and hair stylist and friend Jill Powell. They were obviously both inspired by the actress’s love of color and change. The pair released an advertising video to show just how easy it is to use the extensions, which Jill says take around 30 seconds to apply or remove:

“Color definitely makes a statement; it can reflect your personality – a little bit more vibrant, sassy and chic,” Jill says in the video.

The Secret Color extensions cost $19.99 each and are available from Secret Color, shipping costs $5.99 and you have the option of paying by card or PayPal.

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