‘Deliciously Ella’: The healthy eating book we all want to buy!

Deliciously EllaHere on Shoppersbase we pride ourselves on spotting the next big smash hit, and we are pleased to confirm that a book we mentioned back in August 2014 has sold out even before it has been published.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is a healthy eating recipe book written by Ella Woodward, who in 2011 was diagnosed with the debilitating disease Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS.

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS

The disease attacks the autonomic nervous system; in other words, everything that is supposed to happen automatically, like your immune system, heartbeat, digestion and circulation. This left her bed-ridden for 95% of the time. She was given conventional medication which included steroids, but as they did not help her she decided to do something herself, hence the book.

Speaking to MailOnline, Ella said: “As you can imagine this had a pretty devastating effect on my life. I literally couldn’t walk down the street, I slept for 16 hours a day, was in chronic pain, had blackouts, never-ending heart palpitations, unbearable stomach issues, constant headaches – the list goes on.”

Ella began looking at alternative ways of healing herself, and was immediately struck by how eating could have a major effect on her life. She embraced a vegan lifestyle, but wanted her recipes to be not only nutritious, but exciting and delicious to others.

Deliciously Ella blog

She started a blog which gave tips on how to swap unhealthy foods like unrefined sugar, processed meat, gluten and dairy for healthier options.

Ella said: “I noticed a difference after just a few weeks of eating well though and 18 months later I was able to come off all the medication – which I should have been on for life – and now feel absolutely amazing.”

She saw that her blog was becoming ever more popular, with an average of around 17m blog hits, and people asking her for more information about recipe ideas, so she decided to launch her book.

She now runs a regular cookery class and has even launched an app to compliment the blog and book.

Ella agrees that making these lifestyle changes can be hard to start with, but she says that even by making just ‘one small change a day is amazing, just adding in one new serving of fruit or vegetables a day is fantastic.’

The book contains over 100 new recipes and has proved to be so popular that even before it has been published it is No.1 on Amazon for a week and has been reprinted six times to keep up with demand.

Although Ella started the blog and book to help herself, she is delighted that it has reached so many people: “I’m really happy that so many people want a book that helps them eat better though, it’s amazing to know that society is getting excited about healthy eating.”

She added: “It’s beyond inspiring to read that Deliciously Ella has impacted people’s lives in this way and I’m still so touched and humbled every time I read an email or comment saying that I’ve made such an impact.”

And although she doesn’t have any long term plans, it appears she’ll be happy promoting her healthy eating style for as long as people are interested: “In five years’ time, I will hopefully still be running Deliciously Ella and I want to expand the company over the next few years but I don’t have any particular goals or specific plans at the moment.”

Deliciously Ella is available from Amazon from January 29 priced at £20.

Source: MailOnline


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