Delicious Xmas food for all

The eve of Christmas fills one’s heart with jovial feelings of celebration. Christmas is the day when people celebrate togetherness, by sharing quality time together and gifting presents to each other. Besides all such practices what also makes the eve special and authentic is the Xmas food, the food that defines the eve as Christmas. Each culture that lives or has perished on this planet have shown their own food habits, which interestingly also changes with time. The popular turkey, for example, has been one of the most relished European dishes since the old days. However, in Spain that was the one and only habit of the rich society, and the common people today are rarely seen doing that. People in Spain are mostly seen relishing on roasts of lamb or small baby pigs and other dishes. Turkey is, however, very popular in many countries around the globe during Xmas.

 The Christmas cake is impossible to be avoided when talking of the eve’s food habits. Almost all the tribes and races from different countries from all over the world consider the cake to be an essential part of the custom. The Christmas cake is supposed to be a fruit cake. However, people have tried different ways to prepare Christmas cakes over years and today there are over hundreds of ways to do so. The Whiskey Dundee from Scotland, prepared by using scotch whiskey, is one of the world’s favourites. Christmas dishes include a lot of roasted meat. In the United Kingdom, roasted turkey, beef or duck defines the situation and the meal remains empty without roasted meat. The food habit, as we all know, depends a lot on the geographical location of a place too. Christmas in Australia is hence seen celebrated over a lot of sea foods like lobsters. Fish soup is served in many countries as a major part of Christmas dish. Serbia would an example of such a country.

 Spain takes a lot of interest in sea foods too during Xmas. Festive drinks such as Christmas floats, eggnogs, and champagne cocktails are widely popular all over the world. To have a brief idea, in a Christmas meal the appetizers may contain small pizzas or cheese balls, the main course containing the meat roasts, and the dessert may have cakes, cookies or tea to end the meal with equal amount of grace. This is off course with the consideration that different countries and different people have different food habits. 

 Christmas pudding, oysters, dry fruits such as almond, wine are undoubtedly to be expected on a Christmas dining table. Places where the staple diet is bread, for example the United Kingdom, also have bread and the smoothest butter on the table. Cheese as we all know is popular in Europe like nowhere else on earth. Hence, cheese items are definitely a part of meal course in Europe. In America cookies specially made for Christmas, and hot chocolate are also very much of Christmas items. The Christmas ham is popular too. Christmas dishes and thanksgiving dishes are very much similar. All in all a fruit cake, roasted meat and wine define Christmas meals at most places taking part in the celebration. Christmas is much awaited all year long by the people, and hence the food has got to be such too. And so it is, the Christmas meals carrying the taste of Christmas in them. 

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