Decorating Your Living Room: Showing Good Taste for Less

Odds are, your living room is the space in which you and your family spend the majority of your time together. A place to receive guests and enjoy the television or spirited family debates, your living room is an expression of who you are as a family, and as a person. As such, you want to decorate it in a way that expresses who you are. But how do you do that, and perhaps more importantly, how can you stick to a reasonably low budget? Read on for some help decorating your living room on the cheap, and achieving the results you’ve always dreamt of!

The first place to start with any decorating project is colour. Choose a colour you feel represents you best, and base your room around it, but don’t pick just one colour to dominate your entire colour scheme; two or three complementary colours are best. For example, if your main colour is terracotta, you could choose black and taupe as complementary colours to contrast with it throughout the room.

An accent wall is a good way to make sure your main colour is boldly shown; the other walls will be painted in the most subdued of all your chosen colours, so in the above example they would be taupe. This prevents the darkness of the main colour from making the room seem tiny, and places the focus of the room squarely on your accent wall. This is probably the wall against which you want to place your television, and in rooms with a fireplace it is generally the wall into which the fireplace is set. If you’re wary of splashing out on painting tools such as the Dulux Paint Pod, be aware that you will save a lot of paint. I painted my accent wall by hand and used as much paint on that single wall as I used on three others with the Dulux Paint Pod, although I did need the same number of coats. That said, my accent wall was painted in a one-coat colour which happened to require multiple coats, so again it pulls ahead in a huge way. The portable Paint Pod is not expensive at all and while the cleaning process is far more time-consuming than it’s advertised to be, it’s been well worth the money in my experience. It earned its money back within the first room we used it on; not bad!

Furniture in one of your complementary colours or a colour close to it helps you to carry the theme across, but buying all-new furniture isn’t sticking with the frugal mindset. Instead, take apart your old furniture or second-hand furniture you can find for little money, sand it, and repaint it to match your scheme. Sanding down a newly painted piece of furniture by hand can help you achieve an expensive distressed look without spending more than it costs to buy some sandpaper! A wooden dresser painted with the same emulsion you used to cover your walls can stand up surprisingly well and won’t cost you any extra for the paint.

If you keep cost-cutting in mind and try to work with what you already have, you can transform your living room from a dull and impersonal space to a lovely area that reflects your personality and that of your family for very little money indeed. Enjoy!

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