Decorating with Mirrors

We all know that having a mirror usually makes the room appear larger but what about using mirrors in more creative ways as well? Mirrors can be used to create design elements in ways that you would never have expected.

Mirrors Outside

Use mirrors on your outside walls or in the garden to add interest, light and create little surprises in the garden. Having mirrors in your garden speaks of whimsy and suggests a fantasy realm. Ensure that the mirrors used have weather-proof frames or be prepared to replace them ever so often. Wrought iron frames work well in a garden setting. Make sure that the mirror is in the shade or it may reflect too much light onto plants.

Use Mirrors Unexpectedly

Mirrors can bring in a lot more light. They need not just be a traditional mirror on the wall, however. Incorporate mirrors in the form of mirror frames, coasters and place them in unusual ways. If you have a dark spot your closet, for example, use a mirror in there to reflect light. Consider hanging mirrors at different heights for different effects.

Create Craftworks with Mirrors

Incorporate mirrors into wall hangings by using small sew on mirrors as seen in a lot of traditional Indian fabric. Incorporate mirrors into wind chimes (use very sturdy ones) or incorporate them into mosaic pieces.

Decorate Mirrors

Continue your décor theme with the mirror. Decorate the mirror to match in with your décor. You could cover the frame with fabric, paint it and create several design effects. You can even use your scrapbooking supplies to decorate your mirror. Use paper thin leaves to create a natural effect or decorate with gemstone, sticks or even sea shells. Consider stencilling a picture onto the mirror. Choose a simply design or, for a simple lace effect, use a paper doily as a stencil.

Cover the area of the mirror that you want kept clear and paint the rest. Mirrors are great design elements and can be used to great effect. As with any other sharp object, make sure any exposed edges are safe and use safety glass for areas that will see a lot of use.

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