Declutter Your Living Room

An organized living room

An organized living room

Most people these days are busy and don’t find time to keep the house organized. The home environment goes to shambles and people with such houses are embarrassed to have company at home. Does this ring a bell in your ears too? Are you sick and tired of the loads and loads of mess in your house? Well then, you aren’t alone as it is a growing problem these days indeed! Who doesn’t like the house to be tranquil and clean? But it is the hectic schedules and busy lifestyles today which is the major reason contributing to the clutter and mess!

And it is only when the things go much out of hand that you realize its severity. A cluttered house will kill the energy and liveliness in the house. It has a major impact on your health as well as the entire well-being too. You must follow a strict de-cluttering system with different ideas and techniques to get rid of the mess. But it is of prime importance to keep it maintained neat and clean devoid of the clutter!         

You can hire a professional organizer in order to facilitate the de-cluttering in your house; however it would turn out to be heavy on the pocket. You can try out the simple solutions towards de-cluttering by taking out minimum spare time everyday; as less as just fifteen minutes. It will leave your house much organized and peaceful which radiates a lot of positive energy too. The living room as well as the kitchen area is the place which is most often observed by visitors and guests. You can have unexpected guests and visitors at times, so keep it organized and presentable! The first and foremost thing is to visualize the reason for the clutter and mess.

Things are CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, other papers, children’s toys etc. are the most common things spread out in the living room. You can avoid having the CDs and DVDs on display by storing them in the racks and shelves which are mostly available along with the electronic appliance furniture. You can also minimize the number of newspapers and magazines which are most often left around on the carpet of the living area. You can conveniently find the most fashionable and trendy magazine holders and paper holders these days. Rather than lying on the floor, you can bump all the magazines in the holder. It isn’t very expensive and is a one-time investment after all! You can also purchase floor-level opening containers or even open plastic baskets that come with lids for the children’s toys. Teach your little ones to keep the things in the containers and baskets once they are done with their play time. You don’t have to threaten them to keep the clutter away! You can simply devise an organization scheme wherein you take part too. While your children keep the toys in their baskets, you arrange the magazines in the holders.

This way they feel a sense of responsibility and independence too. You can make this work easier by enjoying the work by playing music or singing a song or rhyme along with your naughty little one, than making it dull and boring. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? You can even buy a small coffee table with shelves that can be conveniently placed in the living room. They are available in such beautiful designs and small sizes that they will fit well in your home décor and space too. The extra shelves will help in removing the mess from as the top surface as it can fit into the shelves! Another alternative to using the coffee table is a large wooden chest. With huge space and storage capacity on the inside of the chest, you can dump in a lot of items and make your living room look very organized. Most living room furniture these days is designed in such a way that it has special under-seat storage capacity in order to store the bulky items. De-cluttering also involves keeping those things which are of use while getting rid of other things that add to the mess. Also keep in mind that have as less as possible decorative items in the living room décor. Having too many decorative things and furniture will worsen the space issue than do any good!

So keep your houses simple and organized yet striking in appearance by following these simple tips for de-cluttering.  

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