Decide which Tiles are Right for Your Bathroom

There are several things to consider when deciding which tiles are right for your bathroom:

1)      Bathroom Size: Firstly, you need to look at the size of your bathroom. In a really small bathroom it looks a bit silly to have huge tiles. The size of your bathroom will also influence the colour of the tiles. The darker the tiles, the smaller the bathroom will look.

2)      Placement of the Tiles: You need to be more careful when choosing floor tiles than wall tiles. Bear in mind that tiles can be slippery once they are wet, so tiles used for the floor and in the shower should have a little texture. Slate is a good choice for floors as it is rough and thus gives feet more traction.

3)      Décor: What kind of feel do you want the bathroom to have? Are you looking for something contemporary and modern or perhaps something a little more traditional? The tiles can create areas of interest in your bathroom. Use different patterns or textures to create interest. Use glossy tiles to create a feeling of more light in a dark bathroom.

4)      Materials: The materials the tiles are made out of makes a huge difference to the bathroom. Natural stone tiles are usually matt in texture and can absorb light so be careful when using these if your bathroom is small. Ceramic tiles can be used to create a high gloss finish.

5)      Feature Elements: Perhaps your bathroom is small but you want to have some drama in it as well. Consider using mosaic tiles or embossed tiles as accents. Plain white tiles can be accented by laying a strong cut-out in the corner. You can also make use of embossed or printed tiles to create statement areas in your bathroom. Consider creating patterns by alternating plain and patterned tiles or by using blocks of colour.

6)      Layout of Tiles: How are the tiles going to be laid out? Is it going to be a traditional pattern, each tile upright or a more edgy, diagonal pattern? You won’t be able to make a choice unless you visualise each of these patterns. If you can’t, use an interior design magazine to find the inspiration you need.

7)      Budget: Budget is the most important determining factor out of all of these. Savings in budget can be made by using expensive tiles only as accent or feature tiles. You can also choose plain tiles but use a different layout to make them look special.

Most important, however, is to choose the best tiles you can afford. Unless you can afford to redo your bathroom in a couple of years, go for a look that is classical or your bathroom will look dated when the trends change. If, on the other hand, you would like your bathroom to look trendy and modern, you might want to opt for a funky pattern. Ask your salesman for advice on tile choice and upkeep and enjoy your tiles for years to come.

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