December 2011’s Top 5 Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S2

The latest smartphone by Samsung, the Galaxy S2, is presented as an excellent alternative to the more expensive iPhone 4S recently launched by Apple. This super slim smartphone features a 4,3” Super AMOLED Plus display, two cameras, a highly responsive touchscreen, a durable and powerful battery, a tactile surface that is very pleasant to touch and handle. The Galaxy S2 uses Android 2.3, has a remarkably fast processor and a RAM of 1GB. To sum up, this smartphone is bound to become a top selling gadget.

Price: around £ 400, 00


HTC Sensation XE

This incredible smartphone features a 4,3” touchscreen display, 540 x 960 resolution, two cameras and a sleek aluminium construction. –So what makes it so special, as opposed to the Galaxy S2?- you might rightfully ask.

Well, the HTC Sesation XE was designed with the music lover in mind, so you are looking for a smartphone that incorporates the features of a mobile phone, a netbook and an mp3 player, this is the right product for you.

The main strength of this smartphone lies in its custom-made Beats earphones, which, combined with the HTC’s specially tuned software, are sure to deliver the most amazing audio experience.

Price: around £ 420, 00

BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry smartphones are already very popular among adults and teenagers alike, however, the latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes with a few extra features that have earned it a spot in our list.

Unlike most smartphones out there, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 allows you to choose between a very fluid keyboard and a responsive touchscreen, which will no doubt come in handy when typing emails and texts.

According to BlackBerry, their new creation boasts of the most advanced Wi-Fi technology. Made of stainless steel, this smartphone features a very elegant and sleek look. If you are looking for a special affordable smartphone, you should definitely treat yourself to a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Price: over £ 300, 00

Amazon price (recommended): £ 259, 00

LG Optimus 2X

LG has been releasing some very nice smartphones lately. The Optimus 2X is sure to be one of them, with its elegant design, dual core processor, 4” touch screen and 8 megapixel camera. This smartphone uses Android 2.2 but can be upgraded to the more efficient Android 2.3.

Price: around £ 300, 00

Amazon price (recommended): £ 264, 99

Motorola Atrix

This smartphone has some unique features that distinguish it from its rivals and make it one of a kind. The Motorola Atrix is perfect for browsing as it supports Adobe flash-enabled pages and offers many exciting MOTOBLUR widgets, which are very easy to find and allow users to costumise the phone’s home screen. It features a 4” touch screen made of toughened Gorilla Glass, two cameras and runs Android 2.3.

Price: around £ 300, 00

Amazon price (recommended): £ 288, 00

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