Dealing with Laundry Mishaps

Laundry mishaps are inevitable. Whether it’s a mistake you made setting off the washer load, or a washing machine malfunction you could have prevented, it cannot be stopped and eventually you’ll have to deal with it… Or you could prevent the mishaps from happening altogether. Why not give that a try?

One big issue that people don’t really think about is overloading of the machine. You will notice this has happened when your laundry isn’t appropriately cleaned. In very severe cases, some of it may not even have gotten wet.

Sometimes, running an overloaded machine time and time again can cause the machine to malfunction; the spin cycle can knock the machine out of its position in the kitchen and over time this can wear down the belt or even kick it off of its track.

Many people run overly full washing loads under the mistaken assumption that they will save money in terms of water and electricity, but when you consider the lifespan of your washer and possible repair costs, you’ll know this is a false economy. Instead, run a few washer loads which are not stuffed to bursting and you will get cleaner laundry and more use out of your machine.

Another problem is limescale build-up, or alternatively a nasty smell associated with mould. These are easy enough to prevent; remember to do so and you will find that you get more life out of your machine and won’t have to worry about the mouldy smell transferring to your clothing. Your prevention routine depends on the water in your area; do you live in a hard-water area? Calgon and similar products will keep the limescale from affecting your machine. In a soft-water area you’ll want to use soda crystals. Empty about half a bag into your machine’s washing powder drawer once a month and run it, empty, on the hottest setting available. In hard-water areas, the powder and softener residue will get scrubbed away by the limescale particles in the water. As this won’t happen in soft-water areas, mould will build up in the residue and you need soda crystals to scrub it away instead.

Finally, there is an issue that frequently pops up and that can’t always be prevented. When colours run, you can be surprised by the results. Even those who conscientiously separate their loads can have an accidental miscreant sock creeping in and dyeing the load. Dr. Beckmann make a product called the Colour Run Remover, which costs around £3 and contains sachets of a powder you add to the machine before running the load as usual. This powder is designed to remove colour runs and can save a wardrobe. Does it work every time? Unfortunately not… But it’s definitely worth a go for the price.

Laundry mishaps are unavoidable, but with these preventative measures you can try to prevent some of them.

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