Dealing with Icy Conditions

With the cold season come cold snaps, and unfortunately frost and ice will often find their way onto your car. Getting these issues off your car in a speedy manner, so you can take off for work in time. As icy conditions can further slow traffic, it’s especially important that you deal with it as quickly as possible.

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Scraping ice off your windscreen is a viable solution to simple frost. You can purchase a plastic scraper for only a few pounds. Buy a few at a time and keep at least two in your car; should the first one break or get lost, you’ll have a backup. However, scrapers will only really deal with minimal amounts of frost and snow. If you’re worried about getting thick layers of ice on your car (or even thin ones) you need a better way of coping.

Many people use hot water, but did you know that the water you use to melt the ice away should just be warm? Hot water can cause a sudden shift in temperature which can cause windscreens to crack. Don’t boil the kettle, just run your warm water and go for something a little bit more temperate. Pour it over the windows, mirrors, and other areas you need to remove frost or ice from and you’re sure to be on your way in no time.

Getting your car out of your parking spot can be difficult in icy conditions. Making sure your car has appropriate tyres, whether those be snow tyres or simply newer tyres with an appropriate tread, is a great idea as this will provide you with the traction needed to get out despite slippery conditions. However, you can help provide traction where there is none by using such aids as cat litter sprinkled liberally under the wheels or even by scoring the ice and/or breaking it up so the surface is not as smooth and slippery.

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If you find the roads are too icy for you to drive safely, see if there is a way for you to stay home. Walking to nearby shops may seem silly, but can save you a lot of headaches and, in snowy conditions, can even save you time as traffic in the UK tends to grind to a complete standstill at the slightest hint of cold weather. Just borrow your elderly neighbour’s shopping trolley and you’ll even have something to help you keep your balance! While this may seem silly to those who are still quite young, it can in fact be a very handy tool not only for icy conditions but also to carry shopping home when walking to the shops or taking a trip to a local market of shopping centre where you may buy enough to wind up carrying quite a lot of bags.

Icy conditions don’t hit us very often, but this doesn’t always work in our favour. All too many of us struggle when they do reach us, and it is often especially difficult for those of us who must drive to work on a daily basis. Take these simple precautions and you’ll be able to facilitate your use of the car by a considerable amount. Just don’t forget to be careful!

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