Dealing with Damp

Damp is an issue many houses suffer from, and unfortunately it is one that needs to be addressed rapidly and effectively as the mould in question can have a negative effect on you and your family if it is left. In addition, the cause could be damaging the structural integrity of your home and the longer you leave it, the more damage you’re looking at having to repair. This means fixing it now, while expensive on the face of it, could be saving you thousands down the line.

The most common cause of damp is poor ventilation. It’s a good idea to ensure that your home receives adequate ventilation and not to coat walls with impermeable paints or substances as this can in fact increase rather than remedy the problem.

Condensation, in the form of steamed-up windows or puddles or water on windowsills and damp patches, can be a big sign of poor ventilation. Heating adequately, leaving windows open and installing extractor fans in places such as bathrooms and kitchens is a good way of dealing with this problem, but a dehumidifier may be required to help you combat the damp.

Rising damp finds its source below the floor, and as such it can be hard to spot at first. Patches of damp above skirting boards and a damp smell can be the first signs to spot, and it may be necessary for you to repair or install a damp-proof course. This involves structural work so be sure a qualified and accredited professional undertakes it rather than a cowboy who may well ruin your house further.

Penetrating damp can have a number of causes such as crumbling plaster, damp patches, or mould. Keep an eye on your roof and roof space, and ensure drainpipes, guttering, and render remain in good repair as they can otherwise let water in when it rains.

Leaks can be caused by similar issues and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Leaks aren’t only a problem because of the water but also because they can let in cold air and even present a huge problem in terms of economically heating your home in winter. Keep a close eye on them and repair them as quickly as you can.

Damp is a common issue and needs to be addressed as soon as possible as leaving it too long can cause further damage to your house and will lead to repairs being even more expensive. To enjoy your home, ensure that your home is damp-free and enjoy living the dry life!

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