De-cluttering the Kitchen: Pros and Cons

Kitchens are very busy rooms. Every day you prepare three meals and assorted snacks, cups of tea, and so forth… All in the same room. With all this activity going on, dirty dishes pile up and counter tops frequently need a wipe-down or even a scrub. Have you ever noticed that your kitchen gets dirty quickly, and is difficult to keep clean? Do you know that having a large amount of clutter in there can make a kitchen incredibly difficult to tidy up, difficult to keep clean enough for food preparation, and difficult to keep pleasant for the people using it? Read on for de-cluttering tips and help keeping your kitchen in mint condition.

Big space-suckers in the kitchen can be unwanted and unneeded appliances. My own counter was taken up, for the longest time, by a deep-fat fryer that was never used, and before that a George Foreman grill took up the room instead. Have a good look at all your appliances and think about how often you actually use them. Is it worth keeping them, or are they better off binned or rehomed? Family and friends may be looking for just the sort of blender you’re getting rid of, and this also helps the environment, so make sure you check or put them on AdTrader or Gumtree to ensure they are recycled to a happy home.

Next, it is time to clear out your cabinets. Simply empty every single cabinet and clean them out carefully with Cillit Bang or a similar cleaner. You can then go through all of your cupboard contents and sort the wheat from the chaff. Do you have an heirloom dish set? Box them up and stick them in the loft or the garage for now; until you can display them, they are simply taking up space (obviously disregard this if you do use them). And what about mad kitchen gadgets? Get rid of them now, not later.

Now take your time – it may take a couple of days, during which you’ll somehow have to survive on takeaways, but taking some time to do this right will really make a difference down the line.

Start filling your cabinets back up, carefully examining everything you put back and throwing it out if you don’t need it. Be honest with yourself, and don’t listen to the hysterical voice in the back of your head that claims you really will one day need that novelty mug. Out it goes, unless there’s a valid reason it’s taking up space in your kitchen. If you really can’t bear to part with something, carefully box it up and stick it in the garage or the loft. And then be honest; if you don’t need your box for more than 6 months, you really can throw it out.

Now keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will require some work. If you already have an excellent cleaning routine, no problem. Otherwise, consider in stating a routine whereby every day, the same set of tasks is executed. For example, the dishes need doing every single day, but you could also wake up every morning and get your counter tops nice and clean. And don’t forget to keep the clutter away!

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