De-Cluttering for a Tidier Life

A big problem many people deal with is clutter is their home. It can be hard to figure out how to de-clutter effectively, and the prevalence of television shows about hoarders and people whose homes are drowning in clutter goes to show how big of an issue it can become. But there are simple ways to deal with the clutter without, at least immediately, letting go of everything you once thought you should keep.

First of all, invest in some cardboard boxes and clear some space in your loft or attic. Think of it this way; whatever you haven’t used in over a year that doesn’t carry genuine emotional significance can go. Be harsh; “genuine emotional significance” doesn’t mean “cheap soft toys once won from a machine that have been in the loft for seventeen years.” If you’re fair about it, you’ll find a lot of the clutter goes right away.

Box up things you don’t need on a regular basis. Just stick them all into boxes, tape the boxes up and put them away in the loft, the basement, or the garage – wherever you have free space you don’t need. Don’t put them somewhere they will be in the way; that truly is missing the point. Try to keep them topical, so that you have, for example, a box of knick-knacks, a box of limited edition Coca Cola tins, and so forth. This makes it easier to go through them and find something you need or even to go through and find a box you want to give to a charity shop or throw into a skip.

Another option is to create better storage facilities. If you do use your garage, you could in fact install excellent shelving allowing you to have everything within easy reach. Ikea and other furniture shops offer a wide variety or, if you don’t need a finished look for the garage, you can build some shelving yourself with supplies from Homebase, B&Q or Wickes.

De-cluttering can make an amazing change to the way your house feels and looks. Don’t be stopped by a fear of getting rid of things; just start packing things up and soon you’ll be able to see your home the way it should look, with the items you truly value on display and the others shut away where no one needs to see them.

It’s a good idea to go through your old clutter again in six months or a year. You’ll be able to free up the space now that you understand how little enjoyment you were getting from the items in question. By redecorating with prejudice and careful consideration, you can ensure your home doesn’t return to the cluttered state in which it currently finds itself.

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