Day 22 for Katie Price

It really does seem as though there’s no stopping Katie Price, as she recently launched her new clothing range, Day 22, with

Day 22 for Katie Price - mydaily.co.uk

Day 22 for Katie Price - mydaily.co.uk

a catwalk show.

It seems she’s teamed up with the likes of Lamis Khamis, who already has an established fashion range out. Together they hope that with the amount of media attention Katie gets, coupled with Lamis’s experience, their new venture together will be a success.

With a view to creating a brand that’s not only stylish, but comfortable too, they hope Day 22 will become a range of clothing loved by many. The name of the brand is an idea the pair have come up with, relating to the fact that a new item of clothing will be added to the range on the 22nd day of every month. Each item will be limited edition and won’t be identically re-made in the future- what a treat!

With jewellery from the range retailing at around £25-£30, and flowing maxi dresses for around £90, it’s a range affordable to most, and a way fans can grab a piece of the pricey, as she likes to refer to herself as.

And as if that’s not enough for Katie, along with everything else she has going on, she’s also planning to bring out a range of pink cars! Speaking of the new range, she’s given news reporters an insight into the idea of the range being pink and black in colour- both inside and out. She’s also hoping all the cars within the range will have pink, leather steering wheels, pink alloys, and a baby pink crystal-studded gear stick.

However, she’s openly admitted that the range won’t appeal to everyone, and that those who buy a car from it will most definitely have to love the colour pink, as a much of the car as possible will be this colour. After reported to have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on getting her own cars resprayed so they’re pink, she hopes the range will be affordable so others can own pink cars, too.

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