David Cameron Joins Twitter – but most follow him just to post abuse!

In this day and age where social media plays such a huge part in advertising and getting your point across, it is hardly surprising that the Prime Minister – David Cameron has joined the ranks of Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole, Lily Allen, Rihanna and many more. But whilst celebrities take comfort in receiving tweets of a positive nature, poor David has had 100,000 followers sign up to his Twitter account, seemingly to post abuse about the way he is running the country. And anyone who was expecting some juicy exposes regarding parliamentary decisions should get back from the edge of their seats, as although Dave’s aides promised ‘edgy’ output from Downing Street, so far his tweets have been rather boring.

With information about his TV appearances and charity work, Dave seems to sticking this side of middle of the road mediocre. His followers however, are not sitting on the fence, and response so far has been abusive, rude, accusatory, derogatory and down right unpleasant, as people are finally being given the chance to air their feelings to who is probably the most disliked PM the country has ever seen. Dave started off his Twitter accounting with the post: ‘I’m starting Conference with this new Twitter feed about my role as Conservative Leader. I promise there won’t be “too many tweets…’

Four days later he managed to post a picture of his caterpillar birthday cake (I believe they sell those for quite a reasonable price in Asda) and tweeted the following message: ‘Thanks to my team for squeezing in a quick birthday celebration on this v hectic day.’ The PM’s best chums, Foreign Secretary William Hague and Chief of Staff Ed Llewellyn bought him the cake for his 46th birthday on October 9.

Today he tweeted before he made his keynote speech at the conference venue in Birmingham: ‘I’m levelling with the British people in my speech at 11.30. It’s sink or swim, do or decline. How we’ll ensure Britain wins the Global Race.’ And getting into his stride with his tweets as he left the building, he posted: ‘Just leaving what has been a great #cpc12. A big thank you to all involved, we really showed that ‘Britain can deliver.’ For those of you with long memories, you may recall Dave telling Christian O’Connell, in 2009 on his Absolute Radio breakfast show: ‘The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a t***.’ It seems that the lure of reaching millions has changed his mind, as he is now following in the Labour leader Ed Miliband’s footsteps, as he had already sighed up to Twitter and now has around 166,000 followers.

Dave defended yet another parliamentary U-turn as he spoke to Sky News: ‘In this modern world you have to use every means to try to communicate your message and explain to people why you are doing it. You’ve got to get with the programme, I suppose.’ And sources close to the PM revealed that they wanted to use the Twitter feed as a political tool to reach voters directly. A party source said: “He wants something that’s able to be more political. Especially when it comes down to the local, European and general elections he needs something where he can connect more directly with the voters as leader of the Conservative party.”

If you would like to send Dave a personal message, you can follow him at @David_Cameron.

Source: MailOnline

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